Sofia Svantesson

Creating and retaining leads – 6 useful tips

To generate leads means attracting potential customers through a contact- or marketing system with purpose to help them through their customer journey. Most companies today are well aware of the importance as well as challenge that comes with attracting leads. Both in regards to how you create them, and also how you retain them. But … Continued

Our OPEN MIND:ER Johan Nyberg

Name: Johan Nyberg Nickname: Nybbe Department: Partner Role: Partner Manager 4 quick questions Golf or football? Oh that’s tough, but due to lacking endurance and a nice sense for beer, I have to choose golf. Stockholm or Sölvesborg? Sölvesborg every day of the week! Also called Sweden’s Beverly Hills! Sister or twin? Haha to avoid one more in the couch … Continued

How to create a digital office for your company

Office environments have drastically changed coupled with the digitalization of most companies. What traditionally required a desk, a flashy new computer, a phone, and a cubicle – have now been replaced by the new concept of  digital office that fortify remote workers. Remote work as well as rented office environments have become increasingly popular alternatives … Continued

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