Sofia Svantesson

Boost support productivity with data driven decisions

The support team and its performance are dependent of agents work rate in a time sensitive environment. This includes fast responses, customer engagement as well as availability. And in order to keep up momentum and strive to improve, it’s vital to measure performance in order to make data driven decisions in line with the support … Continued

How to organize your work before vacation

After a busy and different year to say the least, vacation is just around the corner. Everyone needs a little time off every once in a while, to reboot for the upcoming year’s tasks. We have listed a couple of things you need to think about to make sure you leave and come back from … Continued

How different departments can use MS Teams

MS Teams has been the talk of the tech world as of lately, and it’s not suprising as it truly has the ability to cut across organizational boundries by bringing employees together boosting communication. You can pretty much do anything in Microsoft Teams, whether you’re holding a meeting, organizing your teams’ to-do’s, or with our integration … Continued

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