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Our OPEN MIND:ER Iljas Jajji Tiagoun

Name: Iljas Jajji Tiagoun Nickname: Ille Department: Wholesale Role: Technical Wholesale Manager 4 quick questions Lunchbox or lunch out? Lunch our. BMW or Mercedes? Mercedes! “Men with brains drive a car with a star”. Russia or Syria? That’s like choosing between mom and dad. It’s impossible to choose, I originate from both countries and I get the best from … Continued

Remote work from home – 6 useful tips

Remote work and working from home have become increasingly popular. Previously this was seen as a mere luxury, and now it’s more often a standard in many companies, and especially startups. Being able to work from home comes with many benefits, but also a lot of things to keep in mind to stay productive. Everyone … Continued

Our OPEN MIND:ER Mikael Hedman

Name: Mikael Hedman Department: Operation Role: Operation Technician 4 quick questions Lunchbox or lunch out? Preferably out but since I exercise during lunch, lunchbox it is. Run in the mountains or on the beach? Always in the mountains, you feel so little between those big mountain tops. Soy protein or beans? Beans are good. Stand or sit and work? I’ll … Continued

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