Thanks for a fantastic Wholesale Product Event 2021

We first and foremost want to thank everyone for attending our fantastic event. Only with your participation, were we able to make it as meaningful as could be in times of change. You, as our partners, are of utmost  importance to us and we appreciate that you choose to spend your time together with us live or digitally. We also want to all our speakers for providing meaningful insight and inspiration regarding the changes moving forward.

With that said, we are very excited about moving forward. As one speaker mentioned, innovation can be seen as structured problem-solving. We therefore move ahead with a high set of goals and ideas, that our fantastic colleagues and innovation partners will help to realize. To succeed, it is imperative, that we, together with Telepo and Destiny, move forward with new ideas through organized teams. This has among other things allowed us to develop new elevatedservices and features that  you will see soon.

For our partners, this only means positive changes moving forward as we not only improve our services, but also improve our structured teams to help you succeed. We want to evolve with our partners, and therefore, we see it as essential that you are part of the innovation moving forward by providing meaningful insight through different perspectives.

Again, thanks for a fantastic event and for participating. The video and presentation are  posted in ParisXP. If you have any questions, we kindly advise you to reach out to your Wholesale Manager with any questions or insights you may have.

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