Building Strong Partnerships – Keynote Roadshow

Building strong partnerships is the key component in our wholesale model and it keeps both organizations thriving. It’s a mission we value highly, in which we aim to build lifelong partnerships with our wholesale partners. This task takes a lot of attention and work and can often be overlooked by many businesses. But we believe the key to success is simple – pay attention to what partners are looking for, listen to their concerns, and most of all – communication is key.

In order to forge strong and lasting partnerships, we work with a few different segments throughout the year. This includes ongoing education through one on one meetings with managers, and webinars about our services and products with our Product Owners. We also offer 2 events per year, one commercial and one technical, all to meet different types of questions and needs.

Next in our agenda and as part of our wholesale model, we also offer a keynote roadshow every year. The roadshow is a presentation with each one of our partners with the mission to inform and inspire partners with relevant news and updates. This is also a valuable opportunity for both us and our partners to answer any raised questions and communicate obstacles. With our 2 events per year, this serves as the perfect mid-year highlight, or half-time show if you will – to communicate what’s happening in the company and what the future will entail. Our next keynote is just around the corner and everything is currently being prepared for our partner’s invites.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. If you are one of our wholesale partners, you will soon receive an invite from us for your keynote and we advise you to contact your Wholesale Manager for more information or if you have questions.

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