Customer service

3 trends that have grown strong in customer engagement

It’s time we talked more about customer engagement. Entrepreneurs have, since time immemorial, talked about transactions. Customer service was something that simply should exist, by everyone doing their job as well as possible. It was not so long ago that entrepreneurs actually started to invest energy and money in restructuring their companies to improve customer … Continued

Why should you invest in Self-service?

In all service professions, there will always be waiting times, regardless of whether it is within the framework of what is considered acceptable or unacceptable waiting times. Our pilot study for this project showed that a large part of our customers would rather handle certain matters themselves, if they were given the choice between doing … Continued

A Service Manager becomes more like a colleague than a supplier

People often talk about the importance of good customer relationships, but what is a good customer relationship, really? The concept of customer relationship, obviously consists of many different components, but basically it is about service companies offering the right kind of services together with the right conditions to their customers. When our customers have the … Continued

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