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Soluno Builds Trust with ‘Trust Distribution’ in the UK

Soluno has a stronghold on the European market, Northern Europe in particular, but it recently moved into the UK and works with Trust Distribution. I sat down with Jonathan Rigg, Director of Network Services, Trust Distribution, to discuss how they and Soluno plan to serve the UK market along with Mitel and its technology. “We wanted to find a partner to realise a range of cloud-based telephony and collaboration tools in the UK market, and Soluno has been in that arena since 2006, which gives them a lot of weight in the cloud community”

Soluno Takes Teams Integration to a New Level

UC Today’s David Dungay hosts Mattias Holmberg, Product Manager, Soluno. In this session we discuss the following: A new level of Microsoft Teams integration The importance of developing a strategy around Microsoft Teams How to bring integrations with multiple vendors into one proposition

Soluno Takes the path to the cloud with T-Mobile

Paul Smissaert works at Soluno in the Netherlands with a strong partnership (exclusively) with T-Mobile. They work collectively in a shared office space, which, according to Paul, serves as one of the pillars of great collaboration. The partnership between Soluno and T-Mobile started just over six years ago when T-Mobile Netherlands decided it wanted to extend cloud telephony services to enterprises. This is when Soluno decided to go on the journey with the mobile provider.

Soluno Believes Partnerships are Everything

“You can’t be great at everything, which is why you have to partner with those who make you stronger,” Mattias Ohde, CEO, Soluno BC, shared, opening up about the necessity for companies to partner up to create more trustworthy solutions for end-users. Partnerships can profit every aspect of a business including sales execution. And depending on the partner, he said they’re all as critical when it comes to getting unified communications technology into the hands of contact centers and those who find themselves working from home.
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