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Microsoft Teams Round Table: Migrating from Skype for Business

Microsoft kickstarted February by reminding all of us that there are now 6 months remaining until Skype for Business is retired, releasing a blog on this issue on the very first day of the month. Skype was a pioneer in the video-based collaboration space (almost as synonymous with it as Google is with search engines). So, the retiring of Skype for Business definitely marks a milestone is the eventual evolution and obsolescence of the traditional approach to video calls.

Soluno launches MyAcademy

The launch of MyAcademy forms an essential part of Soluno’s overall strategy. The UCaaS service provider is expanding in Europe with a wholesale-first concept and innovates heavily to stay ahead in a competitive market. MyAcademy makes it easier to work with Soluno, who also gets the possibility to offer faster distribution of new and relevant information into different channels. Soluno believes an open mind to training will increase all parties’ opportunities.

‘Coopetition’ is the Future of Business Comms

With all the trends Soluno has seen on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic, Patrik Sorqvist, Group CEO, Soluno BC, said that contact center technology is on a path for perpetual growth. The trends he’s seen in collaboration, remote work, and workplace communication have been visible for a while. Sorqvist noted – they got kicked into overdrive by the pandemic. “COVID-19 caused organizations to revaluate the experiences they present to customers, end-users, everyone,” he said.

Soluno Builds Trust with ‘Trust Distribution’ in the UK

Soluno has a stronghold on the European market, Northern Europe in particular, but it recently moved into the UK and works with Trust Distribution. I sat down with Jonathan Rigg, Director of Network Services, Trust Distribution, to discuss how they and Soluno plan to serve the UK market along with Mitel and its technology. “We wanted to find a partner to realise a range of cloud-based telephony and collaboration tools in the UK market, and Soluno has been in that arena since 2006, which gives them a lot of weight in the cloud community”
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