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Soluno Believes Partnerships are Everything

“You can’t be great at everything, which is why you have to partner with those who make you stronger,” Mattias Ohde, CEO, Soluno BC, shared, opening up about the necessity for companies to partner up to create more trustworthy solutions for end-users. Partnerships can profit every aspect of a business including sales execution. And depending on the partner, he said they’re all as critical when it comes to getting unified communications technology into the hands of contact centers and those who find themselves working from home.

Teams vs Slack? Soluno Says Why Choose?

Integration is a hot topic in 2020, and everyone’s trying to integrate with everyone. Some companies, like Five9, have made it a mission to ‘Play well with others.’ Soluno is another company in the UCaaS space that’s done that, too. According to Soluno Spokesperson, Martin Norling,

Sustainability and Profitability, Synonymous with Relevancy

Coronavirus has exposed an elephant in the room, one that’s been there for some time, but we’ve only begun to see. There are plenty of companies, predating the virus, that struggled to flourish, and today, they’ve either collapsed or accustomed themselves to a new future in the cloud. Blame it on antiquated ways of thinking, or refusing to embrace digital transformation – all cards are on the table.

How to Empower Happy Partners with Soluno

I caught up with Mattias Ohde, CEO, Soluno BC (pictured, above), for an exclusive UC Today interview. Ohde shed some light into the company’s partner landscape and told me about many of the resources available for Soluno partners so they can be what Ohde called “Happy and empowered partners.” For the past year, I’ve covered Soluno, and the company’s made some serious headway, along the way, announcing various strategic partnerships with the likes of T-Mobile Netherlands to bring to fruition a robust mobile-first offering, to address the B2B market.
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