The iPhone 12 is now available to pre-order from Apple

On October 13, Apple finally launched its new iPhone, via its virtual Apple event. And on October 16, the first mobiles will be pre-ordered on Apple’s website. So what’s new with the iPhone 12? 5G… of course As usual, a lot of information had already been leaked regarding the new phone. But the biggest talk … Continued

Microsoft Azure is investing in operators

The Azure platform, powered by Microsoft, is now actively working on a new segment, namely telecom. There were probably many of us who became curious when Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, started looking for companies that worked with telecom software. Now the answer is clear, Microsoft is putting extra focus on cloud servers for telecom. … Continued

Wait, is BlackBerry coming back?

Blackberry has officially risen from the ashes again, and I for one couldn’t be happier. People that know me, know that my favourite phone of all time was my beloved Blackberry Curve. Not only did I type as fast as the wind, but it provided all the basic functionality you would probably need. You could … Continued

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