Our OPEN MIND:ER David Bruun

Name: David Bruun Nickname: Bruno Department: Support Role: 1-line Technician 4 Quick Questions CS:GO or Dota? 1v1 in roshpit? Espresso or brew coffee? Brew coffee, strong. Teams or Slack? Slack. Online or IRL? IRL. The Role and Soluno What do you do in your role? I support our customers in all kinds of ways. But … Continued

Our OPEN MIND:ER Johan Nyberg

Name: Johan Nyberg Nickname: Nybbe Department: Partner Role: Partner Manager 4 quick questions Golf or football? Oh that’s tough, but due to lacking endurance and a nice sense for beer, I have to choose golf. Stockholm or Sölvesborg? Sölvesborg every day of the week! Also called Sweden’s Beverly Hills! Sister or twin? Haha to avoid one more in the couch … Continued

Our OPEN MIND:ER Zeynep Balci

Name: Zeynep Balci Nickname: Zäta Department: Sales Role: Sales representative 4 snabba Lunchbox or lunch out? Lunch out. Turkey or Sweden?  I was born in Turkey, but grew up in Sweden… Can’t sacrifice any of them. 🙂 Football or hockey? Football any day of the week. 🙂 Phone or e-mail? Doesn’t matter as long as it’s resolved in … Continued

Our OPEN MIND:ER Iljas Jajji Tiagoun

Name: Iljas Jajji Tiagoun Nickname: Ille Department: Wholesale Role: Technical Wholesale Manager 4 quick questions Lunchbox or lunch out? Lunch our. BMW or Mercedes? Mercedes! “Men with brains drive a car with a star”. Russia or Syria? That’s like choosing between mom and dad. It’s impossible to choose, I originate from both countries and I get the best from … Continued

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