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Can your mobile phone cause cancer?

When you hear the word cancer, it is easy to get chills along your spine. It is said that cancer affects every third person in some way, either that one self gets it or that someone in your vicinity does. And cancer is truly nothing to joke about. One rumor that has flourished, for quite … Continued

10 workout apps – get strong with your mobile

It’s a new year and many of us have made New Year’s resolutions to be stronger, faster, a little slimmer or maybe just live a little more healthy. However, membership in the gym and personal trainers can be very expensive. But don’t worry! Thankfully, our cell phones are helpful even when it comes to training. … Continued

Conveying the right mood in emails

Here are a few smart tricks that can help you avoid misconceptions in mail communication. We don’t have the same tools in text as we do when talking face to face. This makes it important to be extra positive and careful in choosing your words to avoid being perceived incorrectly. Here are a few things … Continued