The development of remote work with cloud telephony in UK

The current situation of the Coronavirus has challenged many companies in the UK in how they will operate while still following government guidelines. Navigating the conflicting advice can be difficult and knowing when to send your staff home for remote work to minimize risk of spreading the virus. This has led to most employees in … Continued

The development of remote work in Germany – Covid-19

The Corona (Covid-19) situation causes a lot of enterprising people to put the company’s creativity to the test. And with the imminent threat abrewing, some employers have made the decision to allow some or all employees to work from home as they seek to prevent further spreading the virus. Whilst years ago this tended to … Continued

The Future of Business Communication – Our Wholesale Concept

Our wholesale concept Rapid technology development perpetrates all aspects of our day to day lives and one among them is telecom. Telecom has undergone a complete 360 transformation since cloud communication entered the market. The previously hard to handle and understand telephony systems were suddenly replaced by a user-friendly phenomenon over internet. This has not … Continued

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