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We work with all companies, from small to large, and here are some of our satisfied customers in varying sizes, sectors and geographical locations. What they have in common is that they all use our prize-winning switchboard service, but have chosen a range of mobile operators. Feel free to read their own words about our service and about us as a supplier.

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  • Sales/Wholesale
    Abiliteam AB
    ”We are very satisfied with Soluno. The option of switching between softphone and telephone has been perfect for our needs, as well as the fact that the support always responds quickly if we need help.”

    Viktor Hedström

  • Sales/Wholesale
    AD Bildelar
    “Our previous switchboard solution was not very good. Customers didn’t always get through to our shops. But changing to the cloud switchboard from Soluno BC resolved everything”

    Mathias Lindqvist
    IT Manager

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  • Computer/IT
    “Soluno offers a flexible solution which suits us perfectly as a consultancy! Getting rid of our old telephony was a relief, and with this dynamic telephony solution purely as a service, we are not worried in the least about the telephony aspect of the move to our new office, which will be taking place this autumn.”

    Mikael Sundström

  • Computer/IT
    “With 530 companies on its books, Agrando provides thousands of users with telephone support for its range of internally developed IT systems. Soluno guarantees effective support management.”

    Mikael Jonsson

  • Building service
    Andersson Company Byggnads AB
    “When we came to change our telephone switchboard to Soluno we were prepared for some teething problems and other fuss, but it functioned with no problems at all. A reason for the smooth transition is that Soluno is perceived as both simple to administer and simple to use. As, moreover, Soluno BC helped us to reduce our costs for mobile telephony, we could not possibly be anything other than completely satisfied.”

    Jan Andersson
    IT & Telephony Manager

  • Transport
    Ankebo Transport
    “We have been using Soluno for several years now. It has worked incredibly well! The solution is not only cost-effective but also easy-to-use and very simple to manage. No complicated switchboard or telephone lines that have to be excavated. Thank you for really good service, both from the sales department and the support. I recommend Soluno BC with top marks!”

    Andreas Runwall

  • Wholesale
    Anmedic AB
    “After many years of problems with traditional switchboard telephony, we upgraded to Soluno’s switchboard and our tele-solution has never functioned better! The entire system is trouble-free, easy-to-use and easy to manage. We recommend Soluno BC to everybody!”

    Anders Kvarnhem

  • Transport
    Bellmans Åkeri och Entreprenad
    “Bellmans Åkeri has been a customer of Soluno’s since early 2013 and during that time has received effective and rapid support. We have also used Soluno´s open APIs to provide our customers with information on our web concerning our availability. Line status and availability is displayed directly on our website in real time, directly synchronized with Soluno´s switchboard.”

    Patrik Sandahl
    Operations and IT Manager

  • Estate service
    Björn Hägglunds Maskiner
    “We have been using Soluno for more than 5 years and value their user friendliness, flexibility and easily accessible and fast support.”

    Linus Von Schantz

  • Education
    Botkyrka Friskola
    ”With Soluno we are never at a loss for a reply when our customers call.”

    Per Svangren

  • Wholesale agriculture
    Briggs & Stratton
    “Soluno BCs telephony solution has given us the cost-effective flexibility we wanted when we started to look for a new telephony supplier. Now our employees who work at home, or who have to be at home for various reasons, can be as accessible as those who are in the office. Everybody can respond to switchboard calls, and it is easy to see if someone is in a meeting or similar. The customer experiences the call the same regardless of where we are working.”

    Richard Aulin
    Operations Manager Sweden

  • BRS Intron AB
    “Soluno is fantastically simple to use!”
  • Building service
    Byggsnabben AB
    “Byggsnabben has enjoyed an excellent collaboration with Soluno BC for many years. We are really satisfied!! We appreciate being accessible when we are out in the field, as well as being able to see who is available, in meetings or off sick. We receive help with all our telephony issues, as well as cost optimization of our subscription. It is also quick and simple to make purchases via Soluno’s web shop.”

    Eva Lundström
    Accounts Manager

  • Computer consulting
    Carestream Dental
    ”I feel that everything functions very well!”

    Min Li
    Accounts and Office Manager

  • Wholesale
    Climapac AB
    “We were recommended Soluno BC in 2009 by Teledesign and have been satisfied with our solution since then. The support in relation to any problems that have arisen has been great and extremely helpful.”
  • Computer/IT
    Communication and Security i Mälardalen AB
    “All users can retain their ordinary mobile phones but nevertheless have access to a full-scale switchboard solution using the app support Soluno has. What we are most impressed by is the customer service and support that Soluno BC offers. It is clear that customer support and customer contact are important to Soluno.”
  • Production
    Crenna Plåt
    ”We are very satisfied with the support; pleasant reception and responses, and also that issues are resolved quickly.”
  • Digital agency
    Crispin Porter + Bogusky Scandinavia
    “If we are not able to resolve something ourselves, the response from Soluno has always been excellent. Getting assistance is never a problem and we have had a personal contact for seven years.”

    Nicklas Carlsson

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  • Production
    Deltanode Solutions
    “Smooth and flexible, good overview on the smartphone and you avoid having to manage fixed and mobile subscriptions with commitment periods at several providers. Everything in one invoice and one contract. Furthermore, Telenor, which provides our network, has good coverage in most cases.”

    Henrik Huss

  • Cleaning
    Di-ma's Lokalvård
    “Di-ma's Lokalvård has been using Soluno for a few years. The solution is adapted according to our needs and wishes. The solution is simple and user-friendly. With Soluno we are always available wherever we are and the support is superb! We can warmly recommend Soluno BC!”

    Jimmy Kirgiopoulos

  • Estate service
    DS Facility Management
    “We came into contact with Soluno just as our company was getting started. Soluno helped us with operator contracts and put together a switchboard solution. The collaboration functions very well and we obtain fast and simple support regardless of what the issue concerns. We can warmly recommend Soluno BC as a collaborative partner.”

    David Ståhl

  • Estate service
    Duvner Bil AB
    “The delivery process must have been the simplest and easiest implementation I have ever done. Moreover, everybody I talk to at Soluno is really nice and solution-oriented. Congratulations to a fine company with excellent staff and a fantastically good product.”

    Johan Duvner

  • Wood Industry
    Ekamant AB
    “They are wonderfully capable people. And they provide excellent, fast support if anything happens now that we are operational.”

    Johan Simonsson

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  • Estate service
    “Some IP telephony has a tinny sound and it is hard to hear what people are saying. But Soluno’s solution has fantastic sound, so my misgivings didn’t amount to anything.”

    Povel Fagerström

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  • Care/Health
    Falck Healthcare
    “Yes, it is possible to have a switchboard via Telenor or Telia, but there is a risk of it taking a long time to get help if it is needed. Soluno’s support is fast and the fact that we have a fixed personal contact is effective. They know how we operate and how we want things to be”

    Billy Hugoson
    IT and Telephony Manager

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  • Estate service
    Flux AB
    “Soluno provides us with stable and reliable support in the switchboard when we are not able to answer ourselves.”

    Mia Bruér
    Marketing Manager

  • Estate service
    Forum for living history
    ”Whatever the issue concerns, I am always met by good humour, positivity, knowledge, and a fantastic level of commitment. The support at Soluno – Real professionals!”

    Eva Bergius

  • Mail order
    “We obtained better functionality at a lower price! Since the changeover in summer 2012, Henrik from Soluno has returned regularly to check that everything is working as we want it to. The small number of points raised have been quickly remedied and we appreciate the regular feedback from Soluno.”
  • Sales/Wholesale
    “For us the voice mail is the best function, it has revolutionised our telephony and it would definitely be a step in the right direction for others in our industry. We have been a customer of Soluno almost since the start and are satisfied with the friendly support.”

    IT Manager

  • Sales/Wholesale
    Happy Boss AB
    “Soluno BC is our collaborative partner and supplies successful operator services to our customers. Effective, fast service and expert staff facilitate our work and provide us with satisfied customers.”

    Fredrik Dolk
    Business area manager

  • Sales/Wholesale
    HL Display
    “Soluno BC has helped us with a flexible solution which suits our company as we have many users with different needs when it comes to telephone availability. Their support is always quick to respond and provides fantastic support regardless of what it concerns.”

    Therese Grönros

  • Recruitment
    Human Capital
    “Soluno has proven to be an excellent service, it creates transparency in the organisation which makes it possible to reach each other with greater accuracy and with fewer misconnections. Thanks to Soluno we have been able to make our offering even better, which in my opinion is the best testimonial.”

    Robert Kerje
    Partner & founder

  • Consulting
    Inspiration Company
    “We have been using Soluno since 2011. We are very satisfied with the product and particularly the support, where we always receive a good humoured and pleasant reception!”

    Lina Gustavsson
    Project manager

  • Production
    JW Nordic AB
    “JW Nordic has tried out most of what is available within telephony and since we started to operate with Soluno they have outshone them all. The reliability is excellent and the support is fantastic. To sum up: Fast, flexible, stable.”

    Jesper Starck

  • Consulting
    “We have been using Soluno for just over 5 years. It is a flexible telephone solution that has worked very well for us. Particularly thanks to Jan Sychut who has always put himself out when we have had problems. I recommend Soluno BC as a supplier!”

    Peter Modin

  • Real estate
    Landgren of Sweden
    “Knowledgeable staff and accessible support with the best service.”

    Karoline Ryné
    Brokering Assistant

  • Vehicle
    Landrins Bil
    “We have been with Soluno for a while now and everything has worked really well. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank everybody we have come into contact with in the support for their way of helping out. Always friendly and willing to assist.”

    Tollis Messinis
    Service Market Manager in Lund

  • Computer/IT
    Lexher AB
    “The trick probably lies in simplifying what is complicated for us users. I feel that Soluno BC has succeeded excellently in that. With this professional and good value tool as support we are happy to remain a team of contented teleswitchboard amateurs, because we know that it works anyway.”

    Katerina Kullman

  • Computer/IT
    “We changed from Telia’s old centrex switchboard that we had always had. Expensive and not particularly customer friendly. We experience Soluno BC as extremely customer friendly and open to what customers like us have to say. Personal service with great commitment.”
  • Education
    Linnéa Aquatics Sweden AB
    “Soluno’s tool is flexible and easy to use, the support offers fast and friendly service.”

    Sara Molarin
    Personnel Manager

  • Education
    “MedLearn is a training company that focuses on care, welfare and health. Our business concept is to be a complete supplier of training at different levels within these areas. Soluno BC has helped us with our telephony over the years. Today we are customers of both switchboard and operator services. Our collaboration has always functioned well. Fast, simple and understanding is our overall perception of Soluno.”

    Anna Silfverling
    Administrator and Project Manager

  • Sales/Wholesale
    MQ Retail AB
    “After switching to Soluno we don’t just have full control over costs, but also a fantastically flexible system with the entire group’s telephony linked to the same switchboard. Soluno’s personal involvement during implementation ensured that the transition went very smoothly. Warm recommendations.”

    Fredrik Rubne
    IT Manager

  • Architect
    Murman Arkitekter AB
    ”Soluno BC helped us to cut our telephony costs and to find a solution that suits our operation.”

    Agneta Fältgård
    Project & Accounts Coordinator

  • Computer/IT
    On1Call Support AB
    “Good package for businesses and good support which responds quickly and resolves our tricky issues.”

    Peter Seifert

  • Computer/IT
    Örnsbergs El & Data AB
    “Stable, simple, flexible and a good partner!”

    Christer Lerin
    IT Manager

  • Sales/Wholesale
    “The delivery, implementation and support have been perfect and are at the high level that we felt they would be and which led us to select Soluno as supplier.”
  • Sales/Wholesale
    “It is simple to understand and you can immediately test whether what you’ve done also works through making a test call. If there is anything that we don’t understand then we have always received the help we need from Soluno´s support. Quite simply superb!”

    Stefan Ljungdahl

  • Computer/IT
    Relation & Brand
    “We have been able to reduce all of this to a single solution which delivers savings, less administration and a better overview of our telephony after the installation. When we moved to another premises the fixed telephony was a real bonus – all we had to do was take the computers and connect them at the new location.”

    Nichlas Spångberg
    Product Development Manager

  • Travel
    Resecentrum Gruppen
    “Besides the fact that Soluno’s switchboard is stable, the staff are a really great team. We have an excellent collaboration and major joint plans for the future."

    David Taghipour
    Responsible for communications

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  • Estate service
    Retail Knowledge
    “The company has a solid focus on service and user friendliness, which is something we really appreciate as a customer. I can heartily recommend all companies which have a need for a professional telephony solution to have a word with Soluno BC first.”

    Fredrik Weisten

  • Estate service
    “Moving from a traditional switchboard to a cloud-based, mobile solution was an obvious choice for RG19. And the choice of Soluno was equally obvious. As supplier, Soluno BC makes our everyday lives simpler with an easy and flexible solution backed up by a support that both delivers and resolves problems quickly. We are satisfied as a customer and can warmly recommend Soluno.”

    Kristian Modess
    Senior System Engineer

  • HVAC
    “We have had Soluno BC as supplier for some two years now and have nothing but positives to report. Being able to leave the office and still be available is a major benefit, and being able to read voicemail messages on the computer is great. Soluno is also easy to manage when it comes to forwarding incoming calls.”

    Karin Hansen

  • Rental
    RTC Båtkontakten AB
    “We have been completely satisfied with Soluno from day one. Always up-to-date, knowledgeable, pleasant and good value. When a problem has arisen we receive help immediately! Wonderful, just like it should be!”

    Lotta & Marcus

  • Architect
    Scheiwiller Svensson Arkitektkontor
    “Soluno BC was our saviour. From being an office with old fixed switchboard technology and a tangle of mobile subscriptions we became a modern one. All mobile subscription were renegotiated, the switchboard went out, Soluno’s mobile switchboard came in. It became cheaper, better and much more flexible. Thanks for your help!”

    Pelle Öhlin
    Architect / Partner

  • Skorstensfejarmästarna Syd AB
    “We have had Soluno as supplier for many years. Soluno is an easy-to-use system with advanced functions and which moreover also offers great support. Receptive and service-minded is what I immediately think of in terms of Soluno.”
  • Non profit
    Skyddsvärnet (the Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society)
    “As a non-profit-making organisation without profit distribution, Skyddsvärnet is always on the look out for high quality, effective and good value solutions. Soluno BC has been able to give us what we are looking for in terms of our telephony. They have also constituted a tremendously rapid and friendly support.”
  • Vehicle service
    Södersidans Lastbilsverkstad
    “When we started working with Soluno BC we very quickly noticed that the cost of telephony fell markedly. The contracts that Soluno has negotiated for us are very good. Moreover, we don’t have to put lots of time into investigating what’s available ourselves.”

    Leif Blom

  • Locksmith
    Stockholms Låsservice City AB
    “If I was to describe Soluno with three attributes, then it would be: flexible, available and excellent support!”
  • Computer/IT
    Sungard Availability Services
    “IT availability is everything at Sungard Availability Services. Soluno BC is an important partner for us in enabling us to deliver our services and also in order to resolve our need for increased mobility when it comes to telephony. Furthermore, it is nice and economical to collect all telephony under one supplier. I would also like to praise the excellent support, always easy to get hold of and always competent to deal with.”
  • Insurence
    “Soluno and Puzzel work very well together and give us excellent conditions to develop our telephony. The plan is to integrate e-mail and social media in the Contact Centre solution in the near future in order to collect all channels in one place”

    Philip Wadenius
    Head of Customer

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  • Consulting
    Svensk Konstruktionstjänst
    “Service-minded staff who are sensitive to our problems and queries and they always propose a solution. We have been using Soluno for a few years and it has worked very well. A solution that fits us hand in glove. I definitely recommend Soluno BC as supplier and partner!”
  • Computer/IT
    Svenska Datoravdelningen
    “At Datoravdelningen, our work is mobile – a switchboard solution from Soluno BC was the obvious choice “

    Marcus Blass

  • Telecom
    Telia Denmark
    “Telia Denmark has selected Soluno BC as collaborative partner. Soluno is offered to the Danish business community together with Telia’s products. It is an extremely satisfactory collaboration, with Soluno BC demonstrating great professionalism and providing excellent support. Telia’s selection of Soluno was due to its innovative product, which is at the cutting edge of developments in the market and in terms of customer needs.”
  • Education
    The Royal Institute of Art
    “Soluno is a first-rate and flexible solution for us. It feels like Soluno switchboard is a solution without lots of unnecessary technical aspects. A bit more straightforward but all functions are present that are necessary. Furthermore, their staff are incredibly skilful and helpful.”

    Peter Jansson
    Unit manager

  • Renting and management
    “The installation, the switchboard and the collaboration have functioned very well. Soluno BC’s highly competent and service-minded staff have assisted rapidly and effectively in making the adjustments we needed in connection with the installation as well as thereafter.”
  • Estate service
    Växjö Sotningsdistrikt
    “We have never had any problems during our entire period with Soluno BC. If the internet is working then so is Soluno!”

    Micael Hvirf

  • Sales of medical equipment
    Victus Medical Group
    “We have been working with Soluno BC almost since the start of their journey. We have always received excellent support and we feel that the Soluno solution meets all our needs and substantially more, it is quite simply a switchboard solution to grow into.”
  • Road assistance
    ​Viking Sweden AB
    “It is very important for Viking Sweden that its telephony and communication functions satisfactorily. We therefore chose to fully collaborate with Soluno BC. Besides the fact that we have cut our telephony costs, they have been professional in their accommodating manner and the great responsibility they have demonstrated, which we value highly. We thus feel secure with the service-mindedness that we obtain from Soluno.”
  • Architect
    Wåhlin arkitekter
    “Soluno is a flexible solution for us as we work in an open office landscape and no longer need to have any high volume phone signals but rather see on the screen when there is a call. The solution is flexible and easy-to-use and it is simple for us to patch over calls to each other. We have been very well treated by Soluno BC and feel very satisfied with our new switchboard.”
  • Recruitment
    Workwide AB
    “We have been using Soluno for nearly 4 years now. We are satisfied that the sales team deliver what they have promised, moreover, the support gets back to us quickly and is knowledgeable!”
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