About Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a short connection between two electric units. Often it regards the telephones or computers and coupled equipment such as headsets or keyboard. In short, Bluetooth handles file transfer and information exchange between units. The communication is conducted through radio waves with a frequency of 2,4 GHz, the same as WIFI connection.

In 2016 the latest version Bluetooth 5.0 was released, however, Bluetooth 4.0 is still relevant and used by many units today. The first version came about in 1999 and was famous for bugs, but was an important stepping stone for what the technique became.

Communication is established between two units where one can partake of the information in the other, but there are risks regarding information security when two units are connected. Therefore, it’s important to double-check which unit the phone or computer is connected to, which oftentimes can be done by just checking the name of the unit.

  • Bluetooth is a wireless connection between two units.
  • Usually used between headphones and phone or a computer and keyboard.
  • First version was released in 1999 by Ericsson.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 was released 2016 and is the most used the most right now.
  • Bluetooth uses technology that handles transfer through radio waves.
  • Security in connecting through Bluetooth is highly debated.

How does it work and how is it used?

Bluetooth has nothing to do with blue, the name comes through a Danish Viking kind by name Harald Blåtand, (Bluetooth in English). It’s not an equivalent to infrared radiation, it’s a connection via radio waves. It works on frequencies between 2,4 and 2,485 GHz, which is roughly the same as WIFI connection.

The most common use is transferring sound from a computer or phone to wireless headphones or headset but transferring various different files as well as connecting to external screens, keyboards or other equipment used. Despite of frequent releases of new versions, many units still use the old version without any issues.

Bluetooth SIG, or Bluetooth Special Interest Group as, drives the development of Bluetooth forward, but the original developers Ericsson were the first to release the technique. Ericsson still has a lot of input about new membership in the group but nowadays together with various other actors.

Is Bluetooth safe?

There have been countless debates whether how easy or hard it should be to connect two units via Bluetooth, and therefore many actions have been taken to limit the possibility to steal information through Bluetooth. However, as in many other cases, it’s a balance between simplicity and security.

Information security is a growing interest in the digitalization of our society. To connect two units to each other makes the day easier for most of us, but it’s isn’t completely without risk. One unit can mask itself as a keyboard or a headset to access the content in a computer or phone.

Despite of difficulty protecting yourself when connection has been established, it’s relatively easy to keep track of what units that are connected to Bluetooth, and control the unit connected every time it’s a new unit. The functions of security await rapid development, but as always, requires common sense.