Call recording

Call recording

To record calls with your mobile or landline phone can facilitate work. But there are a few rules and ways to go about it – are you going to use headset, an app or a computer? Maybe there are other integrated solutions for call recording?

Need to remember what was said in a phone meeting, or maybe you interviewed someone by phone and want to listen to the call afterwards? With call recording you can save them for later purposes and easily access them when needed.

You can record calls from both your landline phone and mobile phone, as long as you have the right services or apps to do it. Depending on what service you use for recording you can sometimes store the recordings and add notifications or search previous calls.

  • Record calls to listen later.
  • Control what was said at a certain time.
  • Store and save recorded calls as you wish.
  • Record from your mobile or landline phone.
  • Get automatic transfer to save calls automatically.
  • With the right service you can record calls from all carriers.
  • Save recorded calls for as long as you want.



What rules apply for call recording?

The purpose of recording calls may vary, but commonly applicable is that you can’t record calls that you’re not a part of yourself. If one of the two talking on the phone knows that the call is recording, it may be ok, but not always.

To guarantee that you’re doing it by the book it’s always best to inform the other participant that the call is recorded. Also, there are certain rules for what way and how much of the call can be shared with other external people.


A call where no part know’s about the recording, is considered interception, which is illegal. As long as you have controlled that you’re being lawful to the highest degree, it’s often positive to be able to record calls. Maybe you’re doing a customer research by phone?


General data protection regulation, also known as GDPR, hinders organizations from managing personal data without consent. Want to know more about how Soluno handles personal data and read more about how GDPR works you can do it here: 

Recording calls from a phone

With the right installations and services you can record both form your landline and mobile phone. It’s recommended to buy a good and covering service from start because it may otherwise be tricky to find your own way to record calls. Some may for example use their computers to record.

In some headsets there are functions to record calls, but it requires you to always bring your headset. It’s therefore better to choose a solution that is integrated directly in your phone.

With a good service you can often also store calls and get a good overview of data and call history. It can for example regard who answered or didn’t. Recording your calls in a professional way from spart and storing them easily, will help you avoid extra hassle.

Want to know more about our call recording service? Contact us and one of our experienced advisors will help you out.