Forward a mobile

About mobile forward

When it’s crucial to reach a certain phone number, but the holder isn’t available, forwarding the mobile is a practical way to make sure that the number is always manned. To forward a mobile is common when a coworker in your workplace is unavailable.

Some phones have a special and simple code to forward the number, while other carriers and phones are of special services that you order from the supplier. Forwarding is possible between all sorts of phones similarly to forwarding e-mails between accounts.

The most common code is:

Connect: **21* (area code+phone number) # (Click phone symbol)

Disconnect: ##21# (Click phone symbol)

It’s comparable with forwarding mail in physical form, which is common during vacations or longer visits abraod. Forwarding is an important function in order to be disconnected from your phone without the affecting the company in any case of stand-by or ineffectiveness when coworkers aren’t available.

  • Forwarding entails sending calls to a different phone.
  • The same number works when forwarding calls.
  • Many forward land line phones to mobiles during vacation.
  • It’s regularly used in workplaces when coworkers are unavailable.
  • You can forward to all Swedish numbers, but not international.
  • Forwarding is a service that may cost extra depending on subscription.
  • Forwarding a mobile number can be compared to forwarding physical mail.

Why forward your mobile?

There are a lot of reasons to forward your mobile, but the most common is when a coworker is busy or away from work and calls are instead managed by a colleague. Apart from that, the function is regularly used by those who travel a lot or spend a lot of time away from their land line phones.

For those who frequently travel and have international SIM cards, you can use the function when changing to an international SIM card. However, you need to be available on several different numbers. It’s a little more tricky than forwarding Swedish numbers, and may add extra costs depending on what subscription you have.

To forward your mobile is basically an electronic version of forwarding physical mail, whereas a letter goes from one address to another. Similarly to forwarding mail, you may choose to forward a phone number under a limited time period or until further notice. Also, it’s usually very easy to change the settings during that time.

How do I forward my mobile?

Different carriers and developers of phones use different ways to forward, but it’s usually an included service in the subscription. It may however shirt depending on carrier, and in some cases has to be ordered separately.

Incoming calls are sent to another line. Outgoing calls from the mobile is forwarded to is done through the number that belongs to the phone, so it’s not about maintaining several lines to the same phone but rather taking calls on the forwarded line.

It’s free of risk to forward your mobile. However, it should be noted that you should avoid forwarding your number if your phone is stolen in hopes of having control over the number. In that case you should block your SIM card and wait for a new one.