What is internet?

Internet is the world’s biggest network. Not only computers are connected to internet, but all sorts of units. In that way you can today share huge amounts of information. Typical services created for this is file-sharing, IP-phones, e-mail, streaming services etc.

Thanks to internet’s progression, the world’s industries, communication and day-to-day lives have changed dramatically. Internet allows work, studying and communicating from distance. This has also led to some countries introducing censorship to control free information that could jeopardise society.

In addition, internet is the reason that we have social media and as we know them today with all kinds of services it’s entailed. With more access to internet around the world, more jobs have become available that suited for the development. Online shopping is among them.

  • It’s a huge network that computers and various other things are connected to.
  • Has made direct communication possible in new ways such as e-mail.
  • Has streamlined retail which in turn has resulted in new opportunities such as online retail.
  • Today you can get almost any knowledge from internet instead of books.
  • It’s a fragile system where viruses and cyber attacks appear.
  • Disinformation is easy spread on internet and between users.
  • Thanks to the development of internet, artificial intelligence has developed at fast pace.


Internet controversies

Illegal file-sharing such as downloading movies, games, music, programs or anything else without paying for it. It’s considered illegal action but many still do it because internet is so fast today. As a response the field has created successful and legal streaming alternatives such as Spotify.

Another issue that often occurs on internet is cyber attacks. The most common form is a group of hackers that take control over a number of computers over distance together with overloading them by sending huge amounts of information to another server over internet, a so called DDOS attack.

Viruses occur on internet and are easily spread through e-mails, downloads or websites. A trojan file is placed in a person’s computer unbeknownst to them so a hacker easy can access their personal information such as credit-card information when you pay on internet.

Spreading information

Thanks to more connecting to internet, the available information is expanding. This regards anything from Youtube clip posted, Wikipedia articles or any media that is investing in web journalism. This has led to a constant access to information for humans.

The fact that internet allows fast information spreading it has led to many discussions of sources. Disinformation is easily spread over internet and it’s also oftentimes meant to confuse, or push an opinion sin a certain direction, for example during elections. Checking sources is therefore crucial just like in traditional media.

Internet is also the technique that will lead us into the future with AI, artificial intelligence. Thanks to internets progression, huge amounts of data will allow AI to develop and keep updated with the latest information such as autonomous driving cars.