IP phones

IP phones

IP phones are used when you call with IP telephony. IP telephony is a term that summarizes calling via internet. The word IP stands for Internet Protocol which is a language, or the standard used to send information over internet.

IP phones are also called VoIP that mean Voice over IP, also the same thing but with a different name. IP phones don’t differ in looks form a regular phone, the difference lies in the fact that you can call over internet instead of the regular phone network.

Many IP phones are programs inside your computer and the only thing you need is a internet connection and a pair of headphones with microphone. To call with IP telephony is oftentimes cost-efficient and is used by many big companies, such as callcenter.

  • IP telephony means calling over internet
  • VoIP is another word for IP telephony but means the same thing
  • An IP phone doesn’t differ from a regular phone in looks
  • IP telephony is cost efficient compared to regular telephony
  • IP telephony gives you increased mobility, as long as you have internet you can call
  • A con may be that lower quality in calls
  • Another con is that you’re without a phone if the power should go out


IP phones for individuals

Individuals can with benefit use IP telephony or broadband telephony as it’s called. There are several suppliers on the market and all you need is a subscription and when it’s signed, you get an adapter that you can easily plug into the broadband outlet.

Today’s technology is so far ahead that you get great quality calls, and you wont even be able to tell a difference when calling with broadband telephony. You can also bring your home phone to your summer stay or abroad, as long as you bring an adapter.

One thing to think about when using IP telephony is that IP addresses aren’t geographically defined. If you for example make an emergency call for some reason, it’s not entirely sure that your call will reach the emergency center. If you can inform them of your location it’s not a problem.

IP telephony for companies

Many companies today choose to switch to IP telephony. The most occurring reason is of course that it’s cheaper. A callcenter operation is a good example of companies that use IP telephony. It’s also useful for companies with traveling sales advisors, since it’s cheaper than calling with mobile phones.

For companies that handle sensitive information it’s worth mentioning that the security with IP telephony can be a drawback. This is due to the fact that information/calls are send over internet and can easily be picked up and eventually intercepted. You should therefore be a little cautious when discussing sensitive information through IP telephony.

In conclusion you can say that IP telephony is a good solution for both individuals and companies. With better technology you also get better quality in calls and it’s also cheaper and more flexible than traditional telephony via phone networks.