About IVR

IVR, or ’Interactive Voice Response’ is a collective name for a range of different systems that in different ways allows us to integrate with a computer through voice or buttons. Humans give the system a commando, and the computer responds either by a pre-recorded voice message, or with a generic message.

IVR technology is in other words the pre-recorded messages you may hear when calling a hospital, bank or any customer service. The purpose of IVR systems is to simultaneously manage large amounts of incoming calls.

An IVR system answers our calls and asks us a question and we usually get to press a button, and then the IVR system plays a message. Alternatively the IVR system my direct you to a person that can answer your question.

  • IVR is short for ’Interactive Voice Response.
  • IVR is a computer system that is interact with humans.
  • IVR came about in the 1970s, but was very rare.
  • It became popularized in the 2000s.
  • One of the most common ares of use is customer service.
  • IVR can also be used for medicinal- and other research.
  • When voting in different TV programs (for example Eurovision) you will most liketly talk to an IVR system.

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Benefits with IVR

There are many benefits with IVR. An important benefit is the decreased need of staff. Before IVR systems telephonists could make out a huge cost for companies. Where you’d previously need a lot of telephonists for customer service to direct customers, you only need a computer system today.

The IVR systems can also have positive impacts on quality of customer service. because IVR systems can be programmed to answer the most common questions, employees can focus their time on the more complicated calls. IVR can also work as an effective solution to sort out calls with special needs.

Another important asset with IVR systems is that many services  such as banks, healthcare or other important society functions – can with these systems offer customer service 24/7. This is of utmost importance for emergencies while at the same time decreasing work hours.

IVR-systemens många användningsområden

Det vanligaste användningsområdet för IVR-system är inom telefoni; särskilt kundtjänst av olika slag. De första IVR-systemen började användas under 1970-talet var just för menade för kundtjänst. Under 70-talet var IVR-system fortfarande ovanliga. I och med de snabba utvecklingarna inom datorteknologin på 90-talet blev systemen både effektivare och billigare.

Idag använd IVR på många olika vis. Till exempel har dessa system visat sig vara en tillgång i medicinsk forskning. IVR-systemen kan ringa upp stora mängder människor och utföra telefonintervjuer eller telefonenkäter. En stor fördel i samband med detta är att IVR-systemen bättre kan garantera intervjusubjekten anonymitet.

Ett bra exempel på IVR-teknologin utveckling är dess användningar på internet, som idag blivit vanliga. Istället för röstsamtal interagerar nu dessa system via chattmeddelanden på en hemsida. Tack vare moderna datorers kapacitet, och imponerande utvecklingar inom AI-teknologi (Artificiell Intelligens) är framtiden för IVR-teknologin mycket lovande.