MEX phone

About MEX phone

With a MEX phone you can connect one or more mobile phones within your company to become mobile PBXs that are always available. The service is a way to both get the classic PBX functions and all the benefits that smartphones entail.

MEX stands for Mobile Extension, and is a way to use your mobile phone as an extension to the classic, stationary PBX that may be located in the office. Many need to be connected and available even when not in office, which makes MEX a great solution.

With MEX all mobile calls can be redirected to the right person and phone through the PBX . Everyone in the company can connect to the service, which allows pretty much everyone to bring the PBX wherever they go because they have their mobile phones with them.

  • MEX stands for Mobile Extension.
  • MEX allows everyone to redirect calls.
  • MEX can be combined with the stationary PBX.
  • You can add various services to MEX.
  • It’s easier to work wherever you are.
  • The set-up can be adjusted to your  needs, such as number of connected phones.
  • Many of the Swedish carriers offer this service today.

What are the benefits with MEX?

To use MEX a company needs one or more numbers that the customers can call and these are connected to the mobile PBX. The company can choose who should take the call since various coworkers can be connected with their mobile phones and therefore share workload.

When call is incoming and connected further through MEX to a mobile phone, the mobile has the same ability as the traditional PBX. It’s therefore possible for each and everyone to redirect calls, paus calls and maybe connect a three-way call. Excactly like a normal PBX, but through your mobile.

This makes it much easier to receive and redirect calls even if one or more coworkers are working out of office. As long as the person is connected to the mobile network they can redirect calls further, meaning you can even be in Skåne or Norrbotten.

MEX is cost-efficient

MEX offers a mobile and easy solution to manage incoming calls, and also become extremely cost-efficient. You sign a subscription with your supplier and get a fixed price per month for all incoming calls. In that way you always know what your bill will look like.

In most cases similar subscriptions don’t cost extra for redirecting calls. This is usually to be said about minute prices or opening fees for calls in the internal network, or in other words, everyone in the company. The price for calls outside of the network is decided by the supplier’s agreement.

By choosing a price-worthy agreement for MEX with a good supplier you get a better opportunity to receive and redirect calls, and you can also combine with other mobile services such as advanced voice mail or reference.