Mobile data abroad

Mobile data abroad

Many tend to use mobile data abroad while on vacation or on a business trip. Thanks to the new set roaming rules in EU you don’t need to pay any extra roaming fees while surfing abroad. This allows you to continue using your phone as usual without risking increased costs.

Regardless of what carrier you have, the same prices still apply, like if you were at home in Sweden. In short this means that the carrier only charges for what is used in your subscription that you pay in your next bill.

Roaming became free on the 15th of June within EU, and carriers have as a result created subscriptions where they include roaming for free. It’s perfect for those who travel a lot for work or for leisure. In certain countries without EU the same rules, and this is Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland.

  • Those who use roaming abroad don’t need to pay any extra fees
  • Roaming within EU, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein is free
  • Today there are subscriptions that include roaming services
  • Roaming abroad isn’t a cheap and permanent solution
  • Every carrier has a roof for normal roam use
  • It’s important to read the terms for roaming abroad for your carrier
  • Check the welcome message that your carrier sent

Normal use of roaming abroad

It’s important to note that roaming abroad isn’t a permanent solution, if you tend to spend more time abroad than you do at home it will start to cost. This is because your carrier has to take out fees when you’ve exceeded the limit available.

It’s always good to check with your carrier what terms apply. For example, how much is considered normal use of mobile data abroad before fees apply. It’s also completely up to the carriers themselves to decide how high the “roof” is.

If you’re unsure of when roaming is activated, a good tip is to check the welcome message you get when passing a country border within EU. In the text form your carrier there will be information of how you can use roaming and what policy applies.

Information of mobile data abroad

Something that many use abroad is mobile data that is consumed when checking internet, social media or your e-mail. It’s important to make sure you get information from your carrier, of how much mobile data you can use. It’s a must for the carrier to inform you.

You can for example use more mobile data if you buy a bundle, which will be informed by your carrier in the welcome message. If you should travel by boat or airplane and use roaming abroad, you’re required to use the location bound network and not the satellite system since it’s not included in the roaming free rules.

Even though you’re abroad and use your mobile, you can be calm and sure that your information will be protected. It’s your carrier’s obligation to protect these just as if you were in Sweden. The only time they can use your information is to check the use of the roaming services.