Mobile telephony

Mobile telephony

Mobile telephony has existed since the 1950s when it was introduced in Sweden, the first country to invest in this technology. It wasn’t until the 1980s that the technique matured enough to be commercialized. Mobile telephony is wireless phones that connect to phone towers to perform calls.

The first mobile phones differ a lot from the mobile phones that exist today. They were heavy, hefty, expensive and required a big antenna to connect to a phone tower. Today’s mobile phones are powerful enough to connect to a screen and therefore be used as a computer.

Mobile telephony revolutionized our way of communicating. Everything from SMS to emoji has impacted our language. It’s therefore hard to image a society without mobile phones. Especially since today’s mobile phones have functions adapted to more than just phone calls which makes them usable tools in day-to-day life.

  • The first system for mobile phones was developed in Sweden.
  • Mobile phones connect wireless to a tower.
  • Today mobile phones are a hybrid between a computer and laptop.
  • There are more mobile phones than people on the earth today.
  • In year 2020 more people will have a mobile than running water and electricity at home.
  • Today you can pay wireless through your mobile.
  • Certain researchers mean that mobile use creates an addiction.

The mobile phone’s breakthrough in society

The mobile phone has gone from being a phone meant for simple calls between two parts, into becoming a fully fledged computer that has several functions. Today it isn’t solely used to make calls, but mostly send messages without cost.

Social media had its’ big breakthrough via mobile phones that offered simple and fast ways to reach out to other’s via social media. Selfies, status updates, and fast news could easily spread and be shared in apps. Even younger people had access to mobile phones which lead to online bullying increasing as an issue.

Thanks to the many functions the mobile has and possibility to download third party apps we have reached a point in development where mobil phones are must in society. It’s used for bank errands, identifying online, paying, contacting doctors, etc.

Mobile phone controversies

When the first mobile phones had a breakthrough in society, discussions of dangerous radiation also appeared. Having your mobile in your pocket and placing it so close to your brain was though to be cancer inducing. This was yet to be more researched and there weren’t any existing long term research to compare to.

Today there is no research that indicate that mobile phones can create damage to the body through radiation. Research of how radiation is dangerous or not continues with new generation mobile networks continuously developing. Meanwhile there’s other research of how mobile use can be addictive.

Some professors mean that mobile use activates a part of the brain that drugs activate, the reward center. The conclusion is however controversial due to other professor’s meaning that it’s just humans way to socialize and be a part of a group of people, and if so done through a mobile that is just a tool for it.