Phone meeting

Phone meeting, what is it?

A phone meeting is a modern way to meet in today’s society. It saves a lot of time in a stressful environment and is a great alternative from a climate standpoint. Discover what the technique offers today and how it works.

When it’s time to meet in a company and different topics will be discussed, a phone meeting is a good alternative if you’re located in different places. It saves you traveling time and you can focus on the meeting without having to book a train or similar.

A phone meeting can include several participants. Depending on your carrier and technique it may work a little differently. A person can usually call several participants of you can get a number to call and in that way connect yourself.

  • Great for the environment since you can avoid traveling
  • An effective way to meet
  • Several participants can connect
  • Easy to use technique
  • Nothing more than an regular mobile phone is needed
  • You can avoid traveling and in that way save time
  • Phone meetings are just like regular meetings, but with a phone

Try to have a phone meeting

If you’re used to meeting face to face it may feel a little strange to not see the person you’re talking to. We recommend to try it out to learn the ropes and get used it before switching over completely-

Suggest phone meetings as an alternative and inform your colleagues of the time you’ll save. Tell them the benefits and how it’s useful for the company in the greater sense.

A phone meeting can be done anywhere in the world as long as you have coverage on your mobile phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a facility at work or at a conference in Rome. When something important is discussed everyone can take part no matter there they are.

Phone meetings in the future

The technique for phone meetings has existed for long but wasn’t publicly famous. With an environmentally friendly approach today it’s a great solution. You can also have regular or video calls. Working from home is becoming more popular which this solution promotes.

Phone meetings should be seen as a possibility and an extension of the traditional meetings where everyone has to be on the spot at 13.00. Here it’s possible to avoid missing information if you’re located elsewhere and everyone can participate on their own terms.

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