SIP trunk

About SIP trunk

SIP trunk is a technology that is outdating the traditional analogue telephony. It allows you to stream your voice over internet. In that way you can use it to talk on the phone and it’s much cheaper than regular telephony.

Many companies today choose this technology due to many reasons. One of the many benefits with SIP trunk is the possibility to call for free all over the world and you just buy a bundle that works as a total solution. You can simply call wherever you want.

For some companies it’s important to adapt to technical development and have a working method that ensures that you can always provide tremendous customer service. To be able to requires the right type of software which can easily be provided with this solution.

  • Total solution – A solution that includes everything for the company.
  • Hardware – The physical unit needed for a company.
  • Software – Technology needed for the units.
  • Internet telephony – Ability to cal over the network.
  • SIP trunk – voice over internet technology customized for companies.
  • Streaming – Uploading of service online, e.g voice.
  • Network – Connecting to other units available online.

What is SIP?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, which means a system where everyone who has the network installed can communicate with each other. SIP allows you to call anonymously, however, it’s required to document all users according to law, which in essence means an anonymous company service that isn’t fully sound. There are various different programs that works in SIP and that can provide you with the service.

When you want everything under the same category and make it as easy as possible, this service is excellent. If you also want to keep costs at a minimum you should choose SIP technology. You can even call landline telephony which therefore means it’s full coverage.

SIP trunk for efficient telephony

If you have a company that used telephony companies where you might not be able to get through. Or if you experience that you need to interrupt phone calls early when costs reach to high and due it can’t satisfy your customers. Then you should most definitely change to SIP.

It’s a user-friendly and efficient solution where you don’t need advanced installations. You likely already have internet at the office and therefore already have the prerequisites to start using SIP. Also, you can connect individual units to the network.

By connecting to individual units, you can work wherever you may be.