Stationary GSM phone

Stationary GSM phone

A stationary GSM phone is a perfect mix of a mobile phone and a landline phone. Yes, you heard it! With this phone you can connect a SIM card that allows to you connect to the mobile network. Or more specifically; the GSM network or the 2G network as it’s also called.

GSM network, what today is called 2G network, is the mobile network that has the absolute biggest coverage in Sweden due it’s much longer life span in Sweden than 3G and 4G network. The expansion of the GSM masts is therefore good enough for coverage of most in Sweden.

With a landline GSM phone you can enjoy all of the amenities that a landline phone has to offer – even if you don’t have cable network for landline telephony where you live. You can also bring your landline GSM phone wherever you go, like your vacation spot, home or on the road within EU.

  • A stationary GSM phone can connect to the GSM network with a SIM card.
  • For those who’d rather use a landline phone than a mobile phone.
  • Skip charging battery; it’s directly connected to the power outlet.
  • GSM network has the best mobile coverage in Sweden.
  • You can also send and receive texts.
  • You can activate the speaker function for handsfree calls.
  • Also comes with battery for those who temporarily would like to bring the phone with them.

Benefits of a landline GSM phone

Despite of mobile phones completely ruling the phone market, there are still people who prefer a landline phone. In addition, there are also people who appreciate talking on a landline phone instead of walking around with a mobile phone that has to be charged. A landline GSM phone is for those individuals and situations.

There are many different models. Their main function is that they’re placed in a location intended for communication. Therefore, it may be a great idea for companies that have offices with employees working in shifts. In that way the phone is always in the same spot and won’t disappear.

With the ability to connect a SIM card you also have a lot of freedom in using it for a mobile phone if you have a temporary business trip. The SIM card also allows you to be connected to the GSM network which means you have possibility to place the phone wherever you want.

Landline telephony with many solutions

Since GSM network allow communication via SMS, most GSM phones have an easy screen where you can send and receive texts. This screen is on the unit that you place your phone on, so that you can talk and hear a call while also viewing the screen.

Some of these units offer the ability to temporarily bring the landline phone without loosing power. The power is received through the built-in battery and because the connection is through the GSM network, you can unplug the power cable and continue your call. This can therefore be very useful if you need to move the call to a more private place.

With a landline GSM phone you can always be certain that you can perform phone calls in different locations than through copper lines that have geographic limitations. GSM network is more developed than classic copper lines.