VoIP phone

VoIP phone

A VoIP phone is a phone that is connected to internet to call. Therefore it doesn’t pertain to the land line network and it’s not connected through the same cables as the old copper cables for calls that already exist. Another word is broadband telephony.

Vår IP-telefon kan du ta med dig vart som helst.Broadband telephony is often offered in a bundle whereas broadband internet is included. However, this is two separate services and you can be removed if you choose. The benefit with broadband telephony is that you aren’t limited to one unit. You can answer on various different units.

Some carriers offer the ability to download an app or a program that enables you to answer in your computer, tablet or mobile. No matter how many units you have.

You can also transfer to your regular mobile number. Also, you can send SMS through this form of telephony.

  • VoIP-telephony is calls via internet.
  • VoIP-telephony isn’t connected through the traditional land lines.
  • Sound quality is often much better with VoIP than land lines.
  • You can send regular texts through VoIP.
  • With broadband telephony you can have a land line number.
  • You can make emergency calls through broadband telephony.
  • Some countries have blocked receiving VoIP calls.

Then and now

The first phone calls over internet came about as early as the 1990s but it was first in the 2000s that they were regularly used for commercial purposes. Due to the release of Sweden’s telephony monopoly more carriers started to offer VoIP telephony in addition to their other internet services for consumers.

 You can either use your computer, a special IP phone or a regular smartphone/tablet to make broadband calls. There are IP phones that wireless connect through WiFi or there are IP phones that connect through a cable connected to a ethernet plug. A smartphone/tablet needs an app to make calls.

It’s also possible to transform a land line phone (that’s analogue) into an IP phone. The only thing you need is a special adapter. The adapter connects a phone plug to an ethernet plug so that the analogue phone can be connected to internet. Also, this doesn’t require any extra software.

Additional services with broadband telephony

If you have a subscription with an emergency operator you can connect your broadband phone to the larm, for example in case of a burglary. This also works if you have a security alarm. Contact your security operator to see if you can connect your alarm service to your broadband phone for increased security.

For those who shill use fax you can send fax via internet. This is called FoIP, “fax over internet protocol”. You can send the fax from a computer and then use an analogue fax if you use an adapter.

Broadband telephony is mostly used in companies because the digital phone PBX can relieve communication between customers and company, especially for the company that has thousands of phone calls simultaneously. Broadband telephony hasn’t had it’s breakthrough with customers yet because mobile subscriptions continue to be the main service for communication.