Waiting calls

What does waiting calls means? – Soluno explains!

Waiting calls is a smart function that allows the person talking on the phone to be notified if another call is incoming and will then be able to answer it. If you use a screen or display you can also see who’s calling.

Waiting calls can be used on most phones – both mobiles and landline phones. During the call you will hear two discrete tones that will notify you that someone is trying to reach you. It can be a great function to avoid missing important calls.

It may vary if you need to activate the function yourself. Sometimes it’s activated as a standard choice. If you’re unsure, you can check in your settings or contact your carrier.

  • Helps you avoid missing important calls
  • See directly in the display who’s calling
  • The function is usually a standard in both mobile and landline phones
  • Activate it yourself or with help from your carrier
  • Works on both landline and mobile phones
  • Two discrete tones notify you when there is an incoming call
  • A function that is usually free

Use the functions that you have

There are several different functions that are offered with telephony today. You need to activate some of them yourself but they’re also free. Waiting calls is a function that can be of value for companies but also individuals that don’t want to miss important calls from customers or authorities.

Calls waiting is a function that doesn’t require any work from the user other than activating hte service. And while activated, you can feel safe that it’s there. If your doctor should call during the day while you’re on the phone, you can still answer.

If you don’t have the service and want to activate it can vary depending on what carrier you have. If you don’t know how to do it you can always get help fast. The service is in general easy to activate directly without doing anything yourself other than restarting your phone.

See who’s calling

Most phones today, whether mobile or landline, have a display. If you hear those two beeps during a call you can check the display to see who’s calling. It helps you choose if you should stay in the ongoing call or pick up the new one.

Waiting calls can be extremely useful for companies that want to save time. If a customer that you’ve been trying to reach for a while is calling while you’re in another call, you can easily pick up. You can therefore avoid chasing the person that you wan’t to get in touch with.

Waiting calls gives you the choice of answering or not. Maybe you’re waiting for an important call but see that the person but see that the person you don’t want to talk to trying to reach you while you’re on the line – then you don’t have to answer