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Here you will find information about Soluno’s invoices. This information is continuously updated.

We at Soluno will, during the beginning of 2021, replace our billing system. We keep Svea as an invoice distributor, but our internal management will take place via our new billing system, MyBilling. On this page, we answer common questions regarding our new billing system and our invoicing.

Why we change billing system

Why we change billing system

We at Soluno want to be able to offer our customers and partners the best service and this of course applies at all levels. In order to be able to improve and further develop our billing service, at the pace we want, we have therefore chosen to develop our own billing system – MyBilling. By owning and managing our billing system ourselves, we hope to be able to create the conditions for you as a customer or partner to receive a first-class billing service.

Frequently asked questions about Soluno's Invoices

Do I need to change anything regarding the change of billing system?

Since we still have the same invoice distributor, Svea Ekonomi, most things will be the same. The big change is that we have removed the link to the invoice specification and replaced it with that you as a customer having the opportunity to choose a specified invoice. The default will be an unspecified invoice, but if you already know that you want a specified invoice, send an order to and enter the customer number, organization number or previous invoice number

Where can I find my invoice specification?

You will find your invoice and invoice specification in MySoluno. If you do not have a login, contact your administrator. Ordering a specified invoice is sent to, enter customer number, organization number or previous invoice number.

Payment information

We will keep the same payment information as before as we still have Svea Ekonomi as the invoice distributor.

Bankgiro: 393-7588
Plusgiro: 4168101-6
IBAN: SE10 9500 0099 6042 4168 1016

How do I log in to MySoluno?

To be able to log in to MySoluno, you must be an administrator for your corporate exchange. If you do not have those rights, the person or persons who are already an administrator in your organization can make you an administrator, directly in MySoluno.

Your administrator can browse to, select the Users tab, click on the edit user icon (right), then check the Administrator option. Then click Save.

View sample invoice

Here you can see examples of what our unspecified invoices and our specified invoices look like. If you want a specified invoice, you must order this to Of course, this does not costs anything extra.


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