Our story

Follow our story, from how it all started, with a small business dreaming of revolutionising the industry, to now being a leading part of driving the future of business communications.

Our story

1999 - 2004

The companies were born

Solus BC (QM Communications) was founded in 1999 by Martin Norling and Joachim Brandt. The company’s focus has always been to offer leading edge technology services and to be an carrier-independent actor in the Swedish market. Together with Mattias Ohde, who joined a year later as CEO and partner, the company saw extremely good growth and profitability. Mattias, Joachim and Martin are all still part of Soluno BC as key people and co-owners.

Uno Telefoni (Teledesign) was founded in 2004 by Andreas Johnsson and Johan Wogel. Together with Christian Hed, who’s been a part of Uno Telefoni since day one, the company has operated successfully and merged with Solus BC and SEB 2017. Just like Solus’s founders, all three remain in the company today as key people and co-owners.

0 cloud users


Cloud PBX was born

The enterprise is the first company in Sweden to set up infrastructure and sign an agreement with Telepo. It would take another 5 years before another major carrier went down the same route and began delivering cloud-based exchanges. That almost all other carriers then chose Telepo as their platform showed us that this was a good choice of platform and brought Soluno a clear competitive advantage in terms of experience.

500 cloud users


First customer installed

Lagercrantz Communications was the first customer to go live with a cloud-based exchange in Sweden.

The idea of ​​scalability was born as it was found that several customers could share equipment and costs. The same way a hotel could offer access to many comforts without the single customer having to buy and own a room themselves, Soluno could revolutionise a whole industry where it suddenly became possible for small and medium-sized companies to access advanced switch functionality at a reasonable cost. The quest to replace all fixed switchboards could begin in all earnest.

1500 cloud users


FMC - Mobile Extension

Tele2 was the first carrier in Sweden to make an FMC connection to the exchange-platform, which enabled mobile devices to integrate into the exchange. This led to the birth of third generation telephony, the cloud based switches. The first generation consisted of fixed switchboards with good functionality but poor mobility. The second generation was made up of mobile exchanges with inferior functionality but good mobility. The third generation of cloud based switches with, FMC functionality, simply took the best of both worlds, and made it more user-friendly and cost-effective.

9000 Cloud users


Fixed carrier

By becoming a landline operator, it was possible to ensure that all landline traffic went through the exchange platform. In turn, this made it possible to use any mobile carrier since you, via diverting, could transfer the call to anywhere. Thus, “carrier-independent light” was born.

This turned out to be a very successful strategic move which boosted sales tremendously, since the carrier no longer had to wait for subscription terms to expire before they could help the customers with the exchange, instead, customers could retain the carrier they already used.

12000 cloud users


Sweden’s best exchange - Best in test

Telekom idag, Sweden’s largest industry’s newspaper, and forum in telecom, conducted an independent test to appoint Sweden’s best exchange. The way in which the test was conducted was ambitious to say the least. They had themselves installed as a “real” customer and assessed everything from information, education, implementation to user-friendliness and functions.

After the testing they revealed that everything was “just a test” and that the “customer” could be deactivated again. You can probably imagine our surprise, not to mention our happiness once the results came and the award was a fact – it became a real game changer for us!

17000 cloud users


Soluno - mobile operator

Through the acquisition of Streamtel, our own mobile operator was born, who at first used Telia’s network but later switched to Telenor’s network. The main reason for the initiative was that the major operators themselves made an entry with cloud-based switches, and in order to be competitive and able to offer customers an overall solution, this was a strategically important decision.

20000 cloud users


New country - Denmark

The company’s first foreign investment was in Denmark, together with Siminn DK initially, who were later acquired by Telia Danmark who today is one of Soluno’s largest and most important wholesale customers. Telia Danmark offers both its own Touchpoint service and our services under its own brand, which became possible when we opened up for white label partners or wholesale / license partner – which has grown to become one of Soluno’s most important segments with over 10 partners in Sweden, who convey the company’s services under their own brand.

25000 cloud users


Growth Record - Servage Communication

The growth rate doubled, partly due to the acquisition of Servage Communication, but mostly due to organic growth. Several humbling awards were received, such as the HIT company of the year, issued by Computer Sweden. We also received the triple A rating (AAA) for the fourth consecutive year from the Bisnode Solidarity Company.

40000 cloud users


Carrier independent

Telia joined the platform as the final mobile operator which meant that a cloud-based switchboard became fully operator-independent in its market, which was a global first. After this day companies could exchange, retain or mix operators as they pleased, all in one and the same switch-board – with full functionality, primarily FMC.

50000 cloud users


The cloud-supplier of the year - Denmark

Mitel (who had acquired Telepo at that time) awarded a prize to the fastest growing partner in Denmark, and this was a receipt for a successful international investment and a very rewarding cooperation with Telia Denmark. At the same time, we have continued to receive Mitel’s awards in the Swedish market, which have varied between Partner of the Year and the Sales Accelerator (fastest growing) of the Year.

70000 cloud users


Soluno Business Communications

Soluno BC was founded in 2017 as a merger of Solus Business Communications AB and Uno Telefoni. With a new owner in the form of SEB Private Equity, the largest operator independent integrator was formed in the Swedish market with good conditions for continued expansion in the Nordic region and Europe.

The company now had more than 50 employees divided into two offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, and a nationwide reseller network with more than 70 of the country’s leading resellers.

105000 cloud users


100 000 users!

It took about 10 years for both Solus and Uno to acquire 30,000 users, but as a joint company, it only took 10 months to get another 30,000 users. In December 2017, a historic milestone was achieved with over 100,000 active business users in the switchboard platform, an achievement only equalled by a few other operators in Europe.

This also resulted in Soluno BC expanding its market share in cloud based switches B2B in Sweden to approximately 11% of the market. The press release that emphasised the successful merger was called “One plus one has become three”.

150000 cloud users


Netherlands and 150 000 users

In 2018, efforts to consolidate Soluno’s market share continued both in Sweden and internationally. In October, Soluno joined Dutch CallHosted to strengthen its international wholesale concept. In November of the same year, Soluno reached another important milestone when reaching 150 000 users.

155000 cloud users


SolunoBC expands into the German UCaaS market

Soluno is taking another step in its European expansion and enters the German market together with HFO Telecom. The collaboration enables a complete service that is launched both to retailers and wholesale partners. The service combines Soluno’s UCaaS offering with HFO’s first-class operator and billing services.

160000 cloud users

Soluno is expanding to the UK UCaaS market

Soluno signs an agreement with the English supplier Trust Distribution. Through the agreement, Trust will offer partners and retailers a leading “mobile first” arrangement that is operated through Soluno’s platform and Wholesale concept.

165000 cloud users


Integration towards Teams

In May, 2019, Soluno launched a full-scale integration between its cloud-based PBX service and Microsoft Teams. The company has previously offered solutions to both Lync and Skype for Business. Now with Microsoft’s technically simplified setup, work has progressed to broaden the solution offered to companies using Microsoft’s products.

170000 cloud users


Attract new stars

In order to offer the best solutions, you have to have the sharpest talents. Therefore, Soluno is preparing for the future and strengthening the company management with Jasinta Rajan as Chief Financial Officer, and Johan Dalström as Chief Product Officer.

175000 cloud users


Armored for continued expansion

Soluno wants to be at the forefront and continue to create the right conditions for new markets. On the technology side, a brand new server room with state-of-the-art technology was inaugurated which ensures a safe and secure operation for large volumes of customers for many years to come. Parallel to this, new features such as Call Recording and a brand new advanced telephony interface are launched.

180000 cloud users


Integration towards Slack

Soluno releases the new integration, Slack Telephony. A integration that provides telephony functionality directly in the Slack interface.

The new integration marks the next phase of providing rich experience across an expanded range of product integrations.

185000 cloud users


Recognized as a leading European UCaaS Provider

Soluno was announced to be recognised as one of the top 20 leaders in growth and industry innovation by Frost & Sullivan in the 2020 UCaaS Frost Radar™ report. Frost & Sullivan have reviewed 120 companies on the market and placed them according to their Growth and Innovation index. Soluno was ranked as a top supplier due to their global growth and focus on supplying flexible and mobile solutions that help companies work effectively regardless of location.

200000 cloud users


Launch of MyAcademy

MyAcademy enables partners to familiarise themselves with Soluno’s product portfolio at their own pace and at a time of their choosing. Users have direct access to practical information and expert content, clearly conveyed in an interactive e-learning format, combined with traditional classroom sessions. In addition to detailed instructions and useful tips, users can easily search for topics and keywords.

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We believe in Wholesale first

We believe in Wholesale first

Through our wholesale partners, we are reaching business with our mobile first concept, making a real footprint, close to our end users. With a true wholesale model, where our partners make their customers completely their own, together we can make sure that the system is both local, and global, at the same time. Read more about our Wholesale first model on our Partner pages.