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2020-12-18 #Permalink

New Features in Who's Calling

During the end of the year we have worked on getting a few, new and exciting, features in our service Who’s Calling.

These features are available from the Tools/Admin interface from the 17th of December. All new features require changes in the configuration so customers will not notice any changes without manual configuration by Soluno or partner personell.

The new features are:

  • A more reliable way to show user portraits of colleagues in the Who’s Calling popup. This should mean faster loadtimes and no more misaligned portraits.
  • New supported CRM systems:
    • Topdesk ITSM
    • Freshservice
    • Both of the above CRM systems support matching caller data with CRM data and displaying information in Who’s Calling Popup.
      Both also support clicking a button in popup to open the identified customer card in CRM UI.
  • Custom Buttons
    • An organization can now choose to setup their own buttons in the popup that open custom URLs in browser. This can for instance be used to give easy access to a workflow tool that is commonly used in relation to customer contacts.
  • Custom Boxes
    • The content shown in Who’s Calling popup is defined by the boxes chosen in configuration. Now an organization can define their own boxes by linking to custom content that will be inframed in to the popup.
  • Placeholders for dynamic buttons- and boxes URLs.
    • With these placeholders it is possible to create dynamic content to show within the “custom boxes” and also possible to create URLs for custom buttons that contain data from a call. Supported Placeholders are: {number}, {email}, {user} and {name}
2020-12-16 #Permalink

Upgrading the Teams Telephony App

On Thursday evening /the 17th) we will update the downloadable version of the Teams Telephony application to version 1.1.8.

The application will NOT update automatically for customers or partners using it currently. This is due to us adding a new tab (Organization Page)to the app interface and this requires a reinstall.

This means that partners or customers wanting to use the new functionality will need to download the app file and redo the installation process. Find instructions attached.

New for version 1.1.8 is the following:

·         Mobile adaption of GUI

o    There are a wide variety of different models of mobile phones and we do not guarantee that everything looks as intended on all models. Testing has been done on some common Android and iOS models.

·         New Tab: Organization Page
The Organization page will be used to administer functionality that extends beyond the currently logged in user. At release the page will contain two features.

·         Log in/out other users from groups
With this feature it is possible for group supervisors to see the colleagues in their groups, their presence states and to log in or out the colleagues to/from the groups.

·         Set default presence mapping for organisation.
Works in the same way as the personal mapping done in “Settings”-tab with the exception that this setting will be default for users that have not set personal mapping.

2020-12-11 #Permalink

Upgrading the platform

On January 10, we will upgrade the platform in Sköndal to version 5.1.
The upgrade includes many improvements but some of the things we want to highlight are:

  • Possibility to receive notification when the voicemail is full. (Resellers can set their own messages)
  • Book MiTeam meetings directly in the Outlook Calendar in Office 365.
  • Support for audio directly over the Internet for MiTeam meetings. (You no longer need to call a meeting by phone if you are sitting at the computer.)
  • Opportunity to set priorities between queues/ACD /Attendant groups. (New Commercial License)
  • Support for new software for SNOM phones.
  • Several improvements to the Premium Attendant.

Before 5.1, we would like to point out that there are some dependencies when it comes to app versions.


Version 5.2.3 or later required


Version 6.7 or later required


Version 6.7 or later required

If an older version is used, it may stop working in full or in part after the upgrade. Therefore, we recommend everyone to upgrade to the current version of the programs.

2020-10-05 #Permalink

Mobile app update

Soon, our mobile app will be updated to 6.9.0 in the App store.

  • Shortcut to enable and disable Internet calls (VoIP) accessed by long-pressing the app icon on the home screen.
  • Design changes to adapt to iOS 13.
  • Support for landscape mode in MiTeam.
2020-09-18 #Permalink

Update in Wallboard 23rd of september

Updates include new features that have been requested by customers and partners.

  • Visual notifications, as in an indication on the wallboard if an alert has been triggered.
  • See metrics for up to 9 groups simultaneously. Up from the previous 3.
  • Rename screens. Now the customer can set their own names on each screen for easy identification.
  • A clock that can be visible in the upper corner. Can of course be disabled.
  • Set alerts within the same UI as Wallboard. Previously they lay on a separate page. To accomodate this and other upcoming features, the settings UI has been redesigned.
2020-07-03 #Permalink

Update in Callboard

New features – More top lists

Since agent lists have been highly appreciated we want to provide our customers the ability to remove the call window and instead show up to four top lists. Each top lists can also show more agents simultaneously.

Under settings you can choose if you want to have the call field or more lists.

Visually – Better information about agents

We have now removed the numbers and trophies in the top lists, and have instead chosen to add agent’s photos from the PBX.
Around the photo is a ring that is green when the agent is available or red if the agent isn’t. A phone also shows up over the photo when they’re in a call. The placement of top lists has also been adjusted to be in line with the statistics field below.

2019-12-03 #Permalink

Softphone with version number 5.2.1

Softphone with version number 5.2.1 will be available from 8/12 at 20.00

This version includes the following improvements:
  • Notification improvements where you previously would find notifications without any new available content.
  • Better character support in Windows for special characters.
  • Search improvements in SP in form of faster results and improvements in the Outlook integration to also be able to search for middle names.
  • Graphic adjustments where buttons sometimes would disappear during and ongoing call.


For Mac users that have upgraded to Cataline, the following window will show up after installation.
  • For users with Plantronics headets, you need to add an exception for the Softphone.
  • For users that don’t use Plantronics headsets, you can reject this window.



2019-11-28 #Permalink

New feature in VPQ

Apart from the fact that Virtual Phone Q has been built together with Web Callback, we have also added a new function in VPQ. Agents are now able to confirm if they’re received the Callback call by pressing #1 or #9. In that way we make sure that calls aren’t sent to busy agents, but instead directed to a free agent (Note that you have to listen to the entire message before you can confirm).

2019-11-28 #Permalink

Web Callback + VPQ = True

For customers that have both our services Virtual Phone Q and Web Callback, these will become connected. The calls from Web Callback will automatically show up in the VPQ interface. In that way you can manage your calls much easier since everything is collected in the same place. The method you have chosen for outbound calls in VPQ will also apply to Web Callback.

2019-03-18 #Permalink

Staffing planning launched for Virtual Phone Q

Virtual Phone Q, Solunos solution to easily and effectively manage bookings, now has support for planning staffing. Staffing was previously only calculated from the number of available agents. With staffing planning you can instead in an easy way add exakt opening hours that apply or manage the number or bookings.

The functionality is now available for both our customers and partners, and is included in the basic service.

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