Answering service

If there are a lot of calls, the telephonist is ill or the company is having a training session, it is good to be able to turn to our award winning switchboard service.
As professional as if you were doing it yourself

As professional as if you were doing it yourself

We answer in your name, in accordance with your manuscript and according to the instructions you stipulate. Our telephonists have access to precisely the same information about your employees and the same telephonist interface as you have yourself. It consequently enables us to provide equally effective and professional reception as you would have done yourself. We can take care of all management of your calls or a certain proportion. Regardless of what needs there are, we have a solution.

Telephone service on your terms

Choose which information we should give to callers, whether we should connect calls and to which number. Choose whether you want us to connect directly, or announce the calls before they are put through, if you want to have notifications and in which way.

No invoice this month either, how nice!

With answer service as fallback, you pick up the calls you haven't got time for and keep a firm check on whether you have time for everything or not. Otherwise it is easy to miss calls.

Complete telephonist service

Information in real time

One supplier - one invoice

Never miss an important call again

Never miss an important call again

Today customers expect a rapid response and a good service. Companies which deliver that are consequently more profitable and have more satisfied customers. We help out when time is short and you are not able to do it yourself. And we answer round the clock, all year round, so that you can focus on and prioritise something else without needing to worry about missed calls.

Four benefits of the answering service

  • Complete telephonist service
  • Information in real time
  • Simple to change an interface
  • One supplier – one invoice

Frequently asked questions about Answering service

What is meant by response service being integrated with the switch?

The fact that answering service is integrated with the exchange means that our attendants have access to the same information as your own employees. Inputed status referrals are therefore visible to the attendant, so he or she does not link a call to a person who is, for example, sick, on vacation or busy.

Does it cost anything when answering service is not used?

There are different price plans for our answering service. If you have a slightly higher monthly fee, each forwarded call will be cheaper. This suits companies that have many calls that go over to answering service. You can also choose to have no monthly fee at all, then the service costs only for each forwarded call. If you do not have any calls that have gone on to answer service, no charge will go out.

How many missed calls do companies have on average in their response groups?

We have seen that companies on average miss 18% of their incoming calls. It is therefore 18% of potential customers who were not helped, who may not have completed their purchase or might turn to a competitor. By using an answering service, you will never miss an important call again. It pays off!

Can I control what the agents respond?

You can choose what the agents will answer when they handle your calls to suit your company’s brand and tone of voice. Our professional attendants have access to the same information as your own staff, thus providing professional and effective response.

Can I easily see how many calls are forwarded each month?

We provide information on how work progresses in real time. You can therefore continuously see how many calls are forwarded to answering service.