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Integrate Teams with Soluno's full-featured PBX solution. The integration allows your company to use Teams to call while you continue to chat, share documents and more just as before.
Collaborate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams

Collaborate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams

When you and your colleagues work together in a hassle-free and seamless way, the conditions for achieving organizational goals improve, and new ideas become a reality. Microsoft Teams is a collaborative tool and a platform for chat, video conferencing, file sharing and calls. Through this tool, colleagues can work together in collaboration, irrespective of whether they are in the same office, working from home or traveling around the world.

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Let our CEO Mattias and our Marketing Manager Christian show you more about what our integration can do for your company. You can find this in the Studio Soluno episode  about MS Teams.

Why should you use Microsoft Teams?

MS Teams is a platform that facilitates collaborations, where you get everything in one place. Avoid the hassle of opening different applications for different functions.

Communicate effectively

The software ensures that you and your colleagues can communicate effectively through video conferencing, chats, phone calls and online meetings.

Better collaborations

Collaborate in Office 365 built-in applications, such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Work safely

Get administrative control and high-level security with Microsoft Teams.

Your PBX directly in Teams

Your PBX directly in Teams

Combine Microsoft Teams with our leading PBX services. We offer full integration of our cloud PBX solution to Microsoft Teams, where you can choose from a wide variety of our services, ranging from regular response groups to more advanced features, such as button selection menus, operator functions, and more. It all contributes to a complete service that is purely cloud-based.

Our Teams solution provides full mobile integration, just like our other services, where you can choose freely between Sweden’s various mobile ocarriers. We are a completely carrier independent, an aspect that makes us totally unique in Sweden. With us, you have the freedom to choose which mobile carrier you want to use. Regardless of your choice, you’ll be completely integrated with both Microsoft Teams and other PBX functions.

Full flexibility

Full flexibility

With our solution, you can choose which users you want to receive the Teams Telephony service. If you have some users who do not use Teams, we can still integrate them into the solution. Those users can use our own PBX services, such as our Softphone, mobile app or desk phone.

Which license is required?

Which license is required?

In order for Teams to integrate with the Soluno PBX, Microsoft requires you to have the license model E5 or any other E-plan (E1 or E3) with an additional “Phone System” license. It has to be an enterprise license, a business license will unfortunately not suffice.

To use Skype for Business, you need your own Skype server with the correct licenses from Microsoft.

Teams on any device

Teams are services created by Microsoft, but you don’t have to be restricted to using a specific device. You can connect to the service no matter which device you choose to use, including iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or Mac.

Make and receive calls

Make and receive calls

With our Microsoft Teams integration, you can both make and receive calls. The service is reliable, and the sound is of good quality. You can choose to call directly from the Teams app on your phone or your softphone. As the service is fully integrated with our PBX, you can use all PBX functions, as usual, and use other advanced functions, such as button selection menus.

Features in Microsoft Teams

Hold and participate in meetings with Teams

It’s easy to both hold and attends meetings with Microsoft Teams. You can have between 2 and 100 people attending the meeting. Keep the meeting going with conversations or video, together with people both inside and outside your organization.

With Teams, you can either create a meeting to be attended directly or schedule it to a later time or another day. Additionally, the service offers several advanced meeting options to facilitate your distance meetings. For instance, you have the option of handing over the presenter control to another participant in the meeting and then take it back when required. In some cases, the sound can become distorted when several microphones are running at the same time. You can turn off the sound of one or more participants, to reduce any unnecessary background noise. A specific URL is created for the meeting so you can invite participants with your link. Both audio and video are encrypted so that no unwanted participants can join the meeting.

Instant messaging in Teams

Teams have a built-in function for instant messaging; that is, a chat function. During the meeting, you can quickly and easily send messages between one other, including ideas and comments. This is perfect for meetings with a large number of participants, as it reduces noise and enables participants to hold conversations without talking to each other.

Share screen or upload a PowerPoint

It is easy to share your screen with other participants in the meeting. You can freely choose which participant’s screen to display and easily switch between different screens during the meeting. In this way, you can take turns to speak in a single meeting without having to reconnect. Of course, it is possible to present with PowerPoint or other interactive tools. The participants can also add notes and comments during the meeting.

Frequently asked questions about Teams

Can I keep my current mobile carrier?

Yes, you can ceep your current mobile carrier when using our integration with Teams. We are completely carrier-independent, and we aim to help you integrate the service regardless of the carrier you’re using.

Does the service work with both iPhone and Mac?

Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams absolutely work with iPhone and Mac. The service works in most operating systems and platforms, regardless of the type of device you are using.

Does line state work together with Teams?

Yes, if you call to a Team user on the fixed network number and the call is answered in Team Client, the other colleagues can see this both in the PBX and in Teams.

Can I use IVR:s, ACD groups etc. together with my Teams system?

Yes, you can use all of Solunos PBX functionalities with your Teams system, to make if a fully working PBX system. 

Do I need to configure anything in my end?

Since Soluno doesn´t have control over your Office365 environment, you must make the necessary configuration in your Office365 environement

What kind of license do I need in my Office365 environment?

For those users that you wish to integrate with Teams and Soluno, you must make sure that their licenses is in the E-plan, either the E5 license, or E1/E3 with the telephony addon license. 

Is it possible to record calls?

Yes, our call recording solution works for the Teams integration as well. 

Do all of our coworkers need to be integrated?

No, with our solution you can choose which users to integrate with our telephony platform. Some might just have their regular Teams connection and others might use Solunos own telephony clients and features. It´s all up to you. 

How can I see what type of license I have activated?

It is quite easy to see what license you have activated on your account. In Teams, click on My Account. Under Subscriptions you will then see the license form you have activated.

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