MiTeam provides more functions and a better experience in your softphone and mobile switchboard.
Free MiTeam to all our customers!

Free MiTeam to all our customers!

Today, we see a huge need to be able to work remotely, in an easy and seamless fashion. That is why we, at Soluno, have decided to offer our collaboration service, MiTeam, free of charge to all our customers, until 30 June. You, as a customer, thus get a MiTeam Plus license with all the functions for video conferencing, chats and streams. This way, you and your colleagues can work together in an efficient and easy way, no matter where you are.

MiTeam is part of our Softphone, a phone directly in the computer. For those customers who do not have Softphones, we also offer this service, completely free of charge, during the same period.

Order a free trial of MiTeam

Soluno offers MiTeam to existing customers, until June 30, 2020. For those customers who do not have Softphones, a phone in your computer, we also offer this during the period.

Be sure to cancel your free period before June 20, 2020 if you do not want it to switch to a regular subscription.

Order MiTeam

Be sure to cancel your free period before June 20, 2020 if you do not want it to switch to a regular subscription.

Direct- and group chat on computer and mobile

Direct- and group chat on computer and mobile

The chat function can be used both as a direct chat between two people and with several participants who can be added afterwards. The function follows the same field of application regardless of interface (softphone and app).

History provides security

The online chat has built-in history. In the Light version all chats are stored one month. In the Plus version the storage is unlimited. If the person sought is not available when the message is sent, the recipient receives the message when next logged in. With a mobile the message can be sent directly to the recipient.

Hi, can you close the document so that I can start filling it in?

The end of document conflicts and never-ending mail threads in various projects, say hello to MiTeam, an effective and modern collaboration tool.

Structure work

Structure your collaboration with clear to-do lists, directly in MiTeam.

Make communication more effective

Chat, share files and book video meetings easily.

Provide security with history

With secure storage you know that the work you did yesterday is still there today.

Share documents directly with colleagues

Regardless of whether two or several persons are participating in the chat, documents can be shared to be used, for example, for a presentation (this is not the same thing as screen sharing). Naturally, document sharing can be used in combination with other functions such as planned or scheduled telephone meetings.

Structure with to do lists

To do lists enable you to structure your work by creating smart activity lists. It is also simple and easy to share these lists with colleagues.

Communication via speech or video directly in the telephonist interface

Hold meetings directly via video, call or online. It is simple to invite one or several internal and external participants, who equally simply can participate directly via their softphone, app or online.

Here you will find a matrix of MiTeam’s various features

Frequently asked questions about MiTeam

What is the difference between MiTeam and Skype for business?

On the whole, Skype for Business and MiTeam are similar services, but there are some differences that are quite crucial to the user. In Skype for business, all participants need the service, but in MiTeam you can easily invite external participants. Another thing that distinguishes both of these services is that MiTeam has history. This means that chat conversations and documents that have been shared will be saved for 30 days.

Is it possible to invite external participants to MiTeam?

You can easily invite external participants in MiTeam. In chat mode, it is completely unlimited how many participants you can invite if you have the Plus license. The speech function has a limitation, where you can be up to 50 participants at the same time with the Plus version.

Where is MiTeam's history stored and how long?

In MiTeam, all chats and documents are stored for 30 days if you use the Light version. For the Plus version there is no limit to the storage time. This enables you to go back and see what has been agreed and you can download documents that have been shared even after a chat has ended. The information is stored with us at Soluno so you do not have to install any servers or similar to keep the history. Of course, Soluno can not see your conversations and documents, only you can see them.

How many participants can you be in a MiTeam project group?

In a MiTeam project group, there can be up to 50 people if you have the Plus license. In the chat function, you can actually be an unlimited amount, it’s the speech function that sets the limit in this case. With the Light version of MiTeam you can be up to 7 participants in a stream/chat.

Is there any restriction on how large files can be uploaded and how much can be stored?

There is a limitation on how large file you can upload. If you have the Light version of MiTeam, you can upload files up to 5 MB in size. In the Plus version, you can instead upload files up to 300 MB. Do you have the Light version of MiTeam can store up to 5 GB, with the Plus version you have unlimited storage. Everything is stored for 30 days.

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