Soluno Reports enables you to analyse and follow up your company’s communication pattern via a simple and powerful interface.
Subscribe to your dream report

Subscribe to your dream report

The system enables you to create reports that are adapted for your operation, your wishes and your needs. Naturally, you can search for statistics based on the desired parameters with different periods, groups and users. You can then choose to save your selected parameters and have the report sent automatically to selected individuals at set times. The tool gives you constant access to important statistics and key figures.

Standard or plus report

Standard or plus report

To measure specific key figures you create your own plus reports. You decide yourself which information is important, for example statistics of incoming, outgoing, or missed calls. You can also choose between a set of standard reports. Regardless of which type of report you use, you can always determine which users, groups or numbers you want to look at and for which period.

What time of day do we actually have the most calls?

Statistics can help you to staff as required and to keep track of whether calls are distributed evenly throughout the agents etc.

Simple to administer yourself

Tailor your dream report

Receive automatic mailouts

Let our favourite reports inspire you

  • The management team – Key figures for overall customer service
  • Sales manager – Outgoing calls per salesperson
  • Customer service manager – Calls per agent, response time, and missed calls
  • Marketing manager – Incoming calls for advertisement number
  • Accounts manager – Number of calls per user
  • HR manager – Staffing report, hours when the load is usually high or low
  • CEO – Fallback report, the number of calls which go to, for example, the answering service

Frequently asked questions about Reports

Can you measure both incoming and outgoing traffic with the tool?

Outbound traffic can be just as important as inbound traffic. For example, a sales manager may want to get an overview of how much outgoing calls the sales team has. Of course, you can get statistics of both incoming and outgoing traffic through our reporting tool.

Is it possible to get statistics regardless of operator?

Because all traffic is going through our switch, we can measure and extract statistics regardless of which carrier you have chosen to use for your business telephony.

Which departments usually benefit from the service?

Depending on the statistics you choose to view, the service will be relevant to different departments of a company. Here are some examples. The sales manager is often curious about the company’s outgoing calls from the sales team. The management team usually wants to keep track of overall customer service and key ratios. The HR Manager has use of staffing reports to see when the workload is high or low.

Is it possible to automate my favorite reports?

There is no reason to make things harder than they need to be. Therefore, we have enabled you to subscribe to your favorite reports. Choose yourself when and how often they should be sent and if they are only sent to a specific person or to several within the company.

What is the difference between the standard and the plus report?

Our standard report is a pre-designed report that is then sent at an interval of your choice, such as once a week or once a month. In our plus report you can choose among all the information available directly in the report tool. You can design one or more dream reports with all the information you may need. If you need any specific information at a specific time you can of course go in and get it as you wish.

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