Skype for business-integration

Receive calls on your public telephone number and call via Soluno’s switchboard with Skype for the business application.

Create meetings online
with Skype for business

With Skype for Business you can easily create professional meetings online for you and your colleagues or for your customers. The service works on all devices, which means you can create meeting and connect from any device, iPhone, iPad, Andriod, PC or Mac.

Now or on scheduled time

Now or on scheduled time

You can either create a meeting that should happen now or schedule it for later or to another day. In addition, you will receive several advanced call options. For example, you have the opportunity to hand over the presentation to any other participant in the meeting or easily retrieve the presentation again when required. You can also turn off the sound from one or more participants to reduce unnecessary noise from the background. A specific URL for the meeting will be created so you can invite participants with a personal link. Both audio and video are encrypted so that no unwanted participants are added.

Instant Messaging

Skype for business has a built-in feature for instant messaging. During the meeting you can quickly send messages between each other with ideas and comments.

Share a screen or upload a PowerPoint

Share a screen or upload a PowerPoint

Sharing your screen with other Skype for Business participants is easy. You can freely choose which participant’s screen to display and easily switch between different screens during the meeting. This way you can take turns on presenting in one and the same meeting without having to reconnect. Of course, it works well to present with PowerPoint or other interactive tools. Notes and markings can be added by participants during the meeting.

Smart video features

Smart video features

Skype for business gives you top quality video. In addition to that, smart features are built-in to make your video conference as smooth as possible. Examples of these are the face tracking and auto crop of the image. This means that the service knows where in the picture you are, cutting away unnecessary or disturbing background so that you can fully focus on the person participating in the meeting.


Directly in the meeting, participants can create draft, marks and edits. This way the meeting will be interactive and as productive as if you were in the same room. Functions like polls and questions and answers are also included in the service.

Access to all switchboard functions

Access to all switchboard functions

If you choose to integrate Skype with us you gain access to all our switchboard functions, referral system and many other services.

If you choose to integrate Skype for business with Soluno’s exchange, you will of course have access to all ourswitchboard functions, reference systems, and many other services. Then you can see your colleagues status, for example, if they are busy in a meeting or on vacation, or forwarding calls.

Integrate your mobile telephony regardless of operator

Integrate your mobile telephony regardless of operator

When a call is received to your fixed telephone number, it simultaneously goes to both your Skype application and your mobile telephone. We provide this independent of mobile operator, any onward connection fees are covered by us. With a mobile subscription from Soluno we can ensure it rings both in your Skype application and on your mobile telephone with incoming calls to both your fixed number and mobile number.

Integrated referral and line status

If you set your status as busy in your Skype application, you also turn off your connection in the switchboard and people who call are informed that you are busy. When you are talking on the phone, both in the application and on your mobile, your colleagues see that you are busy on the phone.

What technical prerequisites are required?

Own Skype server with the right licences from Microsoft.

Skype for business on any device

Skype for business on any device

Skype for business is a service created by Microsoft but for that you are absolutely not locked to use a specific device. You can connect to the service no matter which device you choose to use. Connect from an iPhone, iPad, Andriod, PC or Mac.

Different types of Skype licenses

There are different types of Skype licenses. Many individuals have Skype for consumers on their home computer or private phone. This service is free to use if you do not want to purchase credits so you can call landline or mobile phone number.

Then there is also what is called Skype Meetings, a service that only works in the United States at the moment. This service allows you to meet your colleagues and is also free. Up to 10 people can be linked simultaneously from any device.

With Skype for Business, you can add up to 250 people to your online meeting while everything is under top-level security. You get a range of surrounding features and can manage employee accounts and integrate other office apps into the service.

Skype for Business vs Skype

What are the differences between Skype for Business and regular Skype? Skype is a free version of Microsoft’s application for video calling and instant messaging. This version is created for private consumers and smaller companies who do not need complex additions. Skype supports meetings with up to 25 participants. Skype for Business is a payment service made to benefit the needs of larger companies. In this version there is instead support for meetings with up to 250 participants. Skype for business offers more meeting options and more features than the free version. More control and the opportunity to register the meetings are offered in Skype for Business.

You can integrate Skype for Business with more apps from Microsoft. The service is included in Office 365, which makes it easy to use for example Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Both Skype and Skype for Business are compatible with both Windows and Mac.

When it comes to safety, there is little difference between the different versions. Since Skype for Business is enterprise-classed, this version has higher security features. Both versions have AES and TLS encryption to protect communication. This means that only participants should be able to access the information that is shared. In Skype for Business there is also the security feature to allow administrator control over the users. Then the administrator can deny or allow different users to access certain functions. Skype for Business also saves unsuccessful attempts to log in. In this way, hacking attempts and bugs can be logged.

The most common questions about Skype for Business

How does it work if you want to contact regular Skype users?

You can  contact regular Skype users as long as they have a registered Microsoft account.

Do I need to download a new Skype for Business client on my computer?

In order to be able to access all of the features offered by Skype for Business, you may need to update to the newest version of the client in some cases.

Does the service work for iPhone?

Absolutely, Skype for Business works for iPhone. In fact, the service works on most operating systems and platforms, regardless of the type of device you are using.

Can I keep my current mobile operator?

You can certainly keep your current mobile operator when using Skype for Business, we are completely operator-independent and will help you integrate the service no matter what operator you are using.

How do I use the mobile app?

The Skype for Business mobile app is perfect for when you want to chat or attend meetings. But for regular calls, we suggest using your regular mobile phone that you are used to.

Skype for business history

In 2007, Microsoft released the Office Communicator service, which then was released in 2009. Its successor, Lync, was released on January 25, 2010.

The service that today is called Skype for business was  before Microsoft Office Communicator and Microsoft Lync. It was in November 2014 that Microsoft announced that Lync would be replaced by the new service in 2015. The service now became a combination of the old corporate interface and the Skype for consumer version. In the corporate version, users today can switch between Skype for the business interface and the consumer interface.