IP telephony

An IP telephone functions and looks like a completely ordinary office phone. The only difference is that it is not connected to a telephone socket, rather it is connected to the internet.
Flexibility with IP telephony

Flexibility with IP telephony

You can take our IP telephone home with you, to your holiday cottage or when traveling. It works in any network socket. As long as the internet is available, you can take our IP telephone with you and use it everywhere. Practical and simple if you change your location in the office or if the entire company moves.

Functions in our IP switchboard

Functions in our IP switchboard

Our IP switchboard makes it simple to see what status your colleagues have set; who are in meetings, at lunch or on holiday thanks to a graphic referral system. It creates less confusion internally, thus delivering better customer service. Besides the status referral, you gain access to more flexible functions including:

  • Call connection, direct or monitored
  • Access to the company’s telephone directory
  • Customised call signals for different incoming calls

Wireless IP-DECT, conference telephone or desk telephone?

The functionality you are offered varies depending on which type of telephone you choose. Soluno offers telephone models which suit all requirements, everything from simple desk phones to advanced video conferencing phones.

We have support for the following IP telephones:

  • Desk phones
  • Conference phones
  • IP-DECT/Wireless phones

Frequently asked questions about IP telephony

What is the difference between IP telephony and common analogue telephony?

There are two fundamental differences between common analogue telephony and IP telephony. Traditional analogue telephony uses equipment dedicated to analogue telephony. With IP telephony the public internet is used to make the call. With analogue telephony, a specific capacity is also reserved for a particular call and with IP telephony the capacity that is available is used.

Is it free to call with IP telephony?

No, it is not free to call with IP telephony. You still have to pay for outgoing traffic that goes out in the public telecommunications network because an operator is the carrier of the traffic.

Is it safe to call with IP telephony?

With IP telephony, you can encrypt the conversation, something you do not do via a regular analog phone. Therefore, IP telephony is considered a safer source to call via.

How is the sound quality when calling through IP telephony?

Provided you have a good connection, the quality is significantly better when you call via IP telephony. The frequency range in the analogue network is more limited, while IP telephony has a larger frequency range. So if you have good technology that can pick up this range, you get a lot better sound quality in your conversation. If you lose connection while calling with IP telephony, the sound tends to get more boxy. While if the same thing happens with analogue telephony, this will make the sound only weaker.

Can you use IP telephony via a mobile phone?

Yes, you can use IP telephony via your mobile phone, then it is called  Mobile VoIP. Mobile VoIP is advantageously used with WI-FI in your mobile phone. This is because you will need as good connection as possible so that the quality of your call is not affected. The technology is based on the same idea as regular IP telephony, namely that the conversation goes over the internet.