Mobile switchboard

With the business switchboard on your mobile, you always have access to the switchboard – wherever you are.
Mobile switchboard which works with all operators

Mobile switchboard which works with all operators

With us you can start using a mobile switchboard and retain your existing operator. In other words, long commitment periods are not a problem. In addition, the option exists to supplement other types of licence and change operator at any time.

See price example of mobile switchboard combined with our own mobile subscription here


Soluno Mobile app – introduction
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Soluno Mobile app – introduction

In this movie you will see a quick introduction to our mobile app, the most common functions and how you use them.

Choose which number is displayed when you make a call

Choose which number is displayed when you make a call

We offer a function where you can choose yourself which number is displayed when you call out – fixed number, mobile number or switchboard number. You can also choose the number on which you want to be reached, regardless of where you are. Internally, you can use card numbers.
If you do not have Soluno as mobile operator, you are required to have a so-called MEX-subscription with your mobile operator to be able to choose which number you want to display. The benefit of this type of subscription is that your colleagues always see that you are busy on the phone – even when you are calling out from your mobile.

I am going to lunch now, but I am taking the switchboard with me.

With smart and flexible tools it is both professional and effective to answer your calls, regardless of whether you are in the office or away at a conference. Mobility without foregoing functionality or quality.

Switchboard in your pocket

Move the company switchboard into your mobiles and gain access to the switchboard wherever you are located.

Completely operator-independent

Select the operator that suits you best – the functionality remains the same regardless.

Smart app

Gain access to all advanced switchboard functions in a practical and visual mobile view.

Smart app enables you to keep a check on your colleagues…

Communicate more effectively at work with our smart app. The app makes it simple to see who is in a meeting or talking on the phone. Similarly, you can indicate a status referral yourself so that others can see whether you are in a meeting, on holiday or at lunch. The app enables you to connect different calls with a simple push of a button and chat with colleagues, view your call history and much more. We have also made it possible to make calls over Wi-Fi, so that you can reduce costs when abroad. The app works with iOS, Windows and Android.

…and makes it simple to log in and out of calls groups

It is simple and clear to see the call groups to which you are logged in and those in which you are not included. As administrator for a group it is simple to add or remove participants, which means that you can always keep a check on whether the group is correctly staffed in connection with different loads. Our app makes communication fantastically flexible.

Soluno Komplett

Would you like to combine our mobile switchboard with one of Sweden’s fairest subscriptions? Then we would like to take the opportunity to promote our beneficial solution that we have named Soluno Komplett. Benefit from a subscription where you never pay more than what you actually use and have our mobile switchboard included in the same price.
Read more about how our mobile subscription works (Link to our mobile subscription again)

Upgrade to a fully fledged telephone switchboard at any time

A mobile switchboard is above all an excellent tool when you are out and about but still want to be available in the switchboard. However, if you spend a large part of the day on the phone and in front of a computer, a softphone or a fixed desk telephone can be more user-friendly.
Supplementing your mobile switchboard with our other types of licence, Soluno Softphone and Soluno IP-telephone, means that you always have the most optimum tool available, regardless of what your working day is like.

Frequently asked questions about mobile switch

Can you have any operator in Soluno's mobile switch?

Yes, all operators work in our mobile exchange solution. We at Soluno are completely operator-independent and have built our systems so you can have the operator that suits your requirements. With us, you can change, keep or mix operators as needed.

Which phones does the mobile exchange app work on?

Our app works on the most common devices, iPhone, and Android. Unfortunately, we do not support other mobile devices like Blackberry or Google Phones.

What does the app cost?

The app for our mobile switch is part of our exchange service and is therefore free to download for all users in our exchange.

Can you have multiple phone numbers on one and the same device?

Yes, it works well to have multiple phone numbers on the same device, in a softphone and a mobile. You can have up to 4 different phone numbers on one and the same user.

Does the mobile switch work while abroad?

The mobile switch works everywhere, even when you’re traveling. However, the MEX function does not work when you are abroad. This means that you loose, for example, status referral when you are abroad.