Perhaps you are sitting working at a computer? Transform the computer into a telephone, softphone, and obtain a simple all-in-one-solution with good sound quality.
Download Softphone

Download Softphone

Click on the relevant link to download a Softphone for Windows or Mac.

What is a Softphone?

What is a Softphone?

A softphone is a phone that lets you make calls over the internet directly via a computer. As can be made out from the name, the phone is made up of a software. A softphone is a user interface that allows you to dial in, receive calls, make calls, connect calls, etc. Simply put, it is a phone in the computer. It has the same features as a regular phone phone and many prefer to use a softphone because of its simple user interface and that they already use the computer for their other tasks.

What are the benefits of a Softphone?

There are many benefits to using a softphone. This software is perfect for companies that want to be cost effective. Softphones are both cheap to get started with while at the same time it does not require the purchase of a lot of expensive hardware in the way a fixed company PBX does. The softphone is easy to upgrade so that the staff always have the newest versions, which is of course included in the price. For companies with staff who travel extensively on the job, it is perfect to equip them with softphones as the software allows them to make calls through their computer in a cost-effective manner.

Softphone – effective and professional

Softphone – effective and professional

Our softphone facilitates both internal and external communication and it is simple to keep a check on which colleagues are available or not. This enables you to deal with people who contact you very effectively and professionally. The smart functions you obtain in our softphone quite simply strengthen internal cooperation in the company and make everyday life a bit simpler and more enjoyable. As long as you have access to the internet, you can call with your softphone wherever you are located in the world.

Soluno Softphone – introduction
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Soluno Softphone – introduction

In this movie you will see a quick introduction to our softphone, the most common functions and how you use them.

Some of the smartest functions we offer

Some of the smartest functions we offer

  • Rapid dialling to colleagues
  • Status referral
  • Call connection
  • SMS and chat function
  • Move on-going calls to mobile
  • And there are many more. Please contact us for further information.
Handle calls in a more professional way with Premium Attendant

Handle calls in a more professional way with Premium Attendant

Premium Attendant, an advanced feature in the Soluno Softphone, helps the agent to handle calls directly in their PC in a simple and effective way. The interface is created to give the user a clear overview of all call activities and a clear list of the calls that are queued. In the view, the agent can easily forward calls, both blind or attended.

Efficient handling with Premium Attendant

With shortcuts, the agent can handle calls via the keyboard, saving valuable time. The agent selects which commands should belong to specific events. This allows you to create a management that is tailored to the agent’s specific preferences. Something that can shorten the learning period when hiring new agents. In the same interface, the agent can easily chat, email or text the contact and with the A/B field you get the possibility to handle parallel calls.

When I was small we listened to CDs and everybody had a phone on their desk…

Nothing against desk phones, they still perform their function on many occasions, however, now that a telephone is available in the computer, for many people they are now redundant.


In making the computer your telephone, you obtain a simple all-in-one-solution with exceptional sound quality.

Full control throughout the company

Our softphone gives you full control of your employees and departments using advanced functions that are incredibly user-friendly.

Powerful communication tool

Choose from a number of different forms of communication. Our softphone doesn’t just enable you to talk on the phone and send SMSs. You can also share documents, chat at individual- and group level, hold video meetings and much more.

Keep track of colleagues at all times

Keep track of colleagues at all times

Transform your softphone into an advanced telephonist station with a push of a button. With no additional costs you obtain:

  • Clear telephonist interface
  • Easy-to-use search function
  • Call connection
  • Logging in and out of call groups
  • SMS and chat notifications
How to get started with your softphone

How to get started with your softphone

Install, log in and call. It’s as simple as that. The only hardware you need to get started is a USB headset. With a portable computer and an internet connection, your softphone functions wherever you are.



Smart contact list – when Soluno’s softphone is not suitable

The smart contact list is to be found online. It gives you an overview and tools which give reminders about our softphone apart from the fact that the actual call is instead set up in your mobile or in your fixed telephone. In addition to this, you obtain access to the following functions:

  • Referral function
  • View status of colleagues
  • Chat function
  • Manage your inbox
  • Common contact list
  • Set up teleconference
From Softphone in Sweden to abroad

From Softphone in Sweden to abroad

See what it costs to call from your Softphone in Sweden to abroad:

The most common questions about Softphone

Does the Softphone work on Mac and Windows?

Yes, Soluno Softphone works just as well on Mac as on PC. When you download your client there are two different programs to choose from, one called Softphone (PC) and one called Softphone (Mac) and both of these can be found at the top of this page. Login information  can be obtained from your administrator or Soluno support.

Which headsets work best with Softphone?

The headsets that work best with the Softphone and the ones we always recommend are usb headsets, although regular headphones with 3.5 mm cord also work. Well-known brands in usb headsets are Plantronics, Jabra and Sennheizer. In Soluno’s web shop there are some specially selected headsets that we have tested and recommend. We advise against using really cheap headphones, even if they have a built-in microphone, since the sound quality of these is considerably poorer. There are both wired and wireless USB headsets of very good quality which are also affordable.

Does the Softphone work with wireless Wifi?

Yes, Softphone works with wireless Wifi if you have a good enough network. The problem with most wireless networks is that these vary speed, something you do not notice if you browse on a website, in the worst case, the page takes an extra second to load. When you have a conversation in progress, this is very clear as it can start to lag and in the worst case the call is broken. Many networks have a good download speed, which is what you often need but with speech you also need a stable and good upload speed for it to work optimally. But as long as you have a good network, Softphone works without problems.

Which number is shown when I call from a Softphone?

It is possible to display different numbers when you call with your Softphone. Under “role” you will find a list of selectable numbers to show in outgoing calls and this is easy to change when you wish. You can choose to display your extension number (your fixed direct number), your mobile number (if you have a mobile connected to the exchange), your exchange number or any of your group numbers to which you have access.

The default setting is to display your fixed direct dialing number/extension number.

Last updated September 2019