Mobile subscription for companies

We offer Sweden’s most innovative and fair subscription which combines the best of both worlds – variable and fixed price.
Pay less than the fixed price

Pay less than the fixed price

We don’t think you should need to pay an unnecessary amount of money for a fixed price subscription with considerably more minutes per month than is reasonable. Particularly not when in reality you might only use a tenth and instead use more data. The fact is that the trend is moving towards the number of minutes for calls falling and data consumption rising. We have realised this and are offering the best conceivable solution, namely variable and fixed price in the same mobile subscription

Variable and fixed price in the same subscription

Variable and fixed price in the same subscription

We offer a subscription that guarantees a low monthly cost. The highest possible monthly fee you can have with our mobile subscription is our fixed price (an agreed ceiling price). You only pay the fixed price if you have talked too much on the phone and have exceeded the fixed price limit. All other months when you have not reached the limit for the fixed price you pay solely for the exact number of minutes you have used. Our subscription means that your company will never again receive an unexpectedly high bill.

Do you know of any good business operators?

Are there any operators which only have business customers and which specialise in facilitating everything to do with managing mobile subscriptions, which is how we work?


Cancel, alter and change subscription freely as required.

Full switchboard integration

Our subscription offers the same switchboard functionality as if you were called on your fixed number.

One interface

Collect switchboard, operator and support in the same place.

Fully integrated with the switchboard

Fully integrated with the switchboard

All incoming calls go through the switchboard. This means that regardless of whether you receive a call to your landline or mobile number you can:

  • forward the call
  • allow the caller to hear your status referral
  • allow your colleagues to see that you are busy on the phone

With our subscription the switchboard therefore functions equally well if you are called on your fixed number or your mobile number.

No commitment periods

You are free to cancel, modify and change subscription. As long as you maintain 70 per cent of the monthly billing, it is decide entirely up to you. It is more practical when someone resigns, takes parental leave or doesn’t need their mobile subscription for some other reason.


Our subscription supports 2G, 3G and 4G and is wholly covered by Telenor’s Swedish mobile network. The speed you can obtain varies depending on which type of mobile phone you have and what the immediate surroundings are like geographically. Telenor’s coverage map provides guidance on what coverage and speed you have where you are located. Click here to access the coverage map.

Sweden’s most equitable subscription

Soluno Smidig gives you the best of both worlds. A variable subscription where you only pay for what you use, but with a cost ceiling so that you can nevertheless sleep soundly at night. The idea is also to be able to offer a large data package at a low monthly fee for those who are increasingly making fewer calls but using more data. If you want to combine the subscription with a mobile switchboard you choose Soluno Komplett.

If you want to have a fixed price subscription anyway

Of course we also have a traditional fixed price subscription if you prefer it – Soluno Fastpris.

Simple to have telephony collected in one place

Switchboard, operator and support in the same place. And it’s not just simpler – you also receive the industry’s clearest and most well presented invoice directly online. With all telephony collected in a single specification. You don’t have to think about which support you should contact when you have questions or queries. And above all you don’t have to spend lots of time interpreting invoices.

Frequently asked questions about mobile subscriptions for companies

What is the difference between fixed price and variable price?

A fixed price for a mobile subscription means you pay the same price every month, no matter how much or little you use it. With fixed price, you always have control over what to pay. With a variable price, you only pay for what you use. Months you use the subscription less, the cost will therefore be less than months you use it a lot.

What happens when one's mobile surf runs out?

We have made it easy. If the mobile surf was to run out, the user automatically receives a text-message. By answering the text with, for example “1GB”, the subscription will be filled up with the desired amount. You can also email an order for more surf to and thus fill the surf amount.

How does "Roam like at home" work?

The term Roam like at home means that you have the same surf amount throughout the EU, so you can surf the data volume that is included in your subscription. Previously, it has been very expensive to surf as soon as you get outside of your home country, something that has caused problems for many people over the years. With Roam like home, you are charged as usual for your surf as long as you are in the EU and have not been staying abroad for more than 4 months.

What does ceiling price mean?

A ceiling price occurs when you have a fixed and variable price in combination, and this is the highest possible monthly cost you can reach. The ceiling price allows you to never exceed a certain amount. Does the amount exceeds the ceiling price we as an operator stand for the remaining cost.

Do we need preferential taxation for our company subscriptions if staff also use it privately?

Employers can offer their employees tax-free mobile telephony for private use but must meet a few requirements. The subscription must have a fixed fee, private use should not be different from job use and the use of mobile telephony must be of essential importance to the employee.

Create a clear policy for your employees’ mobile usage using our free template. You can find it here.