How do I set the sound so it doesn't come from the computer when I'm talking on my softphone?

Choose your headset in the drop-down list of sound input and output. The call signal should be the computers speaker so you can hear when it's ringing if you're not always wearing your headset.

If you have an issue with your computer changing sound unit it may be because the other is standard unit on the computer, check your standard units under settings -> sound. Standard unit changes sometimes if you pull the cable/usb unit out of your headset and connect it again.

How do I transfer calls in softphone?

Calls are transferred by a drag & drop function. Hover the mouse over your ongoing call which is marked as green in the list over active calls and pull the call to the person you want in the list.

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Why doesn't the softphone ring when my mobile is turned off?

When someone calls on your landline number Soluno disconnects the call according to your settings in the PBX, by standard the PBX transfers the call to your softphone and your mobile at the same time. If your mobile is turned off, the call will go directly to voicemail for your mobile subscription. For Soluno the answer from your voicemail always looks the same if you should click on the green phone in your telephone to pick up. This happens so quickly that the call usually doesn't have time to call in your softphone before your voicemail answers.

Solution: If you want to turn your mobile off while being available in your softphone, we can change it so that it first calls on your softphone and then your mobile. You will then have time to answer your incoming calls before your voicemail picks up the call. See the chapter about "Voicemail" if you want to use a voicemail instead of a separate one on your mobile. Contact Soluno support and we will help you with the settings.

I forgot my password/username for Soluno, what do I do?

To recover your password you use: (as previous Uno customer) or (as previous Solus customer)

If you forgot your username and password you can log in as administrator on My Site and choose "Admin view" and thereafter "Used administration" and "User".

Here you can search for the persons name to find out the username as quickly as possible as well as option to recover password.

When a new password is chosen you need to click save on the bottom of the page for changes to be activated,

If you don't have access to administrator rights you can of course e-mail us on or call 08-120 100 50 and we will help you with your user information.

Why does my softphone loose contact with my headset?

Soluno Softphone is able to constantly recognize if you headset is plugged into the computer or not. If your computer goes into sleep mode because you haven't used it for a while, it's common for the USB headset to loose contact with the computer. The computer thinks the headset isn't connected and the Softphone won't get contact with your headset.

Solution: Change your energy settings on your computer.

For Windows you change the settings under control panel -> Energy alternative -> Change computer settings for energy saving and activate the screen saver for energy saving mode.

For MAC you can do this with "Apple" -> System preferences -> Energy saver -> Enery adapter -> Make sure to check "Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off".

If you want the comptuer to be in energy saving mode you can easily do it by reconnecting your headset to the computer when it has started (By pulling out and plugging in the cable/UBS-unit to your headset again).
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