How does fast charge work?

Operating system, screen size, how good the camera is and so on. When choosing a phone, there are many factors to consider. And lately, another thing has come up, that you need to consider; namely, fast charging. A technology that is, slowly but steadily, emerging from manufacturers, because who doesn’t want to be able to … Continued

6 iPhone settings you should turn off

You who have an iPhone may already know that there are lots of different settings that you can choose to have running in the background without noticing them. This can be things like location-based services or apps that are automatically updated. Although some of these are superb to have, there are many services that just … Continued

5 apps that are battery thieves

Today we use our phone for almost everything. We use the phone to keep à jour of what’s going on around the world through various news apps. We keep in touch with our friends and colleagues through apps like Facebook, Linkedin and WhatsApp. We share our everyday lives through Instagram and Snapchat. In addition, our … Continued

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