The iPhone 12 is now available to pre-order from Apple

On October 13, Apple finally launched its new iPhone, via its virtual Apple event. And on October 16, the first mobiles will be pre-ordered on Apple’s website. So what’s new with the iPhone 12? 5G… of course As usual, a lot of information had already been leaked regarding the new phone. But the biggest talk … Continued

Soluno Takes the path to the cloud with T-Mobile

Paul Smissaert works at Soluno in the Netherlands with a strong partnership (exclusively) with T-Mobile. They work collectively in a shared office space, which, according to Paul, serves as one of the pillars of great collaboration. The partnership between Soluno and T-Mobile started just over six years ago when T-Mobile Netherlands decided it wanted to extend cloud telephony services to enterprises. This is when Soluno decided to go on the journey with the mobile provider.
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