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Soluno Integrates with Slack

Soluno, the European operator independent UCaaS provider, launches Slack Telephony. The new integration marks the next phase of providing rich experience across an expanded range of product integrations.   To stay relevant in the cloud ecosystem, it’s essential to play well with others. It’s often not about changing the customer’s behaviors, but instead seamlessly integrating what … Continued

Integrate Slack with your office phone system

At Soluno, we do not want to try to change the behavior of our customers. Instead, we want to be able to improve and strengthen what is already in place. For this reason, we have worked hard to have a broad portfolio of integrations linked to our telephony services that will simplify the everyday lives … Continued

What are virtual phone numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are numbers that are not linked to a physical phone or SIM card. Virtual numbers instead use the internet to carry calls. Then you can choose whether you want to use a mobile phone, a softphone or an IP phone. But why do you want virtual phone numbers? What’s good about virtual … Continued

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