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Our OPEN MIND:ER Niklas Högberg

Name: Niklas Högberg Nickname: Rune Department: Support Role: 2nd-line-technician 4 quick questions World of Warcraft or Call of Duty? Both! But only if we go back to WoW: Classic or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2. Pop-rock or punk? The faster the better! Punk it is! P.S. have you heard my band Deserved? 😉 Mobile app … Continued

Our OPEN MIND:ER Mark van Dullink

Name: Mark van Dullink Nickname: “Markie” Department: Service Operations, Service Management and Marketing Role: Manager 4 quick questions Milk or sugar in your coffee? No milk or sugar. Just coffee Sweatpants or suit? Definitely both! Office dog or office cat? Office cat Lunchbox or lunch out? Lunch out The role and Soluno What do you … Continued

Our OPEN MIND:ER Daniel Ljungdell

Name: Daniel Ljungdell Nickname: Dano aka Captain Dano or Big guns Department: Wholesale Role: Technical Wholesale Manager 4 quick questions Favourite tattoo? The cutting diagram for a pig on the inside of bicep Sweatpants or suit? Denim, otherwise sweatpants Beard or moustache? With great moustache comes great responsibilities. That and a “Canadian Tuxedo”. Jeans on jeans, trousers, … Continued

Our OPEN MIND:ER Mikaela Wilberg

Name:  Mikaela Wilberg Nickname:  Mickis or Ela Department: Support Role: Support Technician 4 Quick questions Rock or pop? Must be pop. Sweatpants or suit? Suit looks great, but I like comfort so probably sweatpants. Monster or Redbull? Redbull any day of the week! Lunchbox or lunch out? I love sushi so I lunch out a lot… The … Continued

Our OPEN MIND:ER Ludwig Rydin

Name:  Ludwig Rydin Nickname:  Ludde, Paddy Department: Partner department Role: The business card says Partner Manager, which is not far from the truth! 4 quick questions Milk or sugar in your coffee? No. Sweatpants or suit? I’m no wildling. Hard rock or country? Hard countryrock. Lunchbox or eat out? I had a lunchbox one! It believe … Continued

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