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Soluno Builds Trust with ‘Trust Distribution’ in the UK

Soluno has a stronghold on the European market, Northern Europe in particular, but it recently moved into the UK and works with Trust Distribution. I sat down with Jonathan Rigg, Director of Network Services, Trust Distribution, to discuss how they and Soluno plan to serve the UK market along with Mitel and its technology. “We wanted to find a partner to realise a range of cloud-based telephony and collaboration tools in the UK market, and Soluno has been in that arena since 2006, which gives them a lot of weight in the cloud community”

The auction of 5G in Sweden is put on hold

Many of us have been waiting for the Swedish 5G auction with great interest. Unfortunately, the auction has been postponed further due to the appeal from Huawei and Hi3G. It was a pretty big deal when Huawei and Hi3G were denied to take part in the bidding of the new 5G network in Sweden. And … Continued

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