5 benefits of having an ACD

Imagine a busy day at work. The calls are pouring in and agents are trying to receive and handle all incoming calls and then forward them to other departments or escalate urgent matters to technicians. There are many calls in line and for each call received, it takes time to figure out where the call … Continued

Microsoft Teams Round Table: Migrating from Skype for Business

Microsoft kickstarted February by reminding all of us that there are now 6 months remaining until Skype for Business is retired, releasing a blog on this issue on the very first day of the month. Skype was a pioneer in the video-based collaboration space (almost as synonymous with it as Google is with search engines). So, the retiring of Skype for Business definitely marks a milestone is the eventual evolution and obsolescence of the traditional approach to video calls.

Telecom in mobile gaming

Last time we touched on the topic of gaming, we mainly focused on cloud gaming. Today we’re taking a closer look at mobile gaming, because considering how expansive this market truly is, I think it deserves a separate post. Mobile gaming is the most expansive field of the game industry with over 2.2 billion gamers … Continued

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