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Salesforce is acquiring Slack

It has been rumored, in recent days, that Salesforce had a major acquisition underway. And now the mega-deal is done, Salesforce is buying Slack for $ 27.7 billion. Slack is one of many collaboration tools that have seen a positive curve since the start of the pandemic. Both when it comes to the number of … Continued

The drawbacks of fast chargers

There is a lot of talk about fast chargers today and suppliers are bragging about their new fresh chargers that will give your phone a charged battery in no time. But what they rarely say is that fast charging has its drawbacks. How charging works – explained in the simplest possible way A battery has … Continued

Our OPEN MIND:ER Jonas Wallander

With an extensive background in Telecom and sales, Jonas Wallander today leads our sales department in Soluno. A segment in Sweden that focuses on sales of our products and services through our direct sales and partner channel. We’re incredibly strong in the partner market today and Jonas, together with our sales department, consistently work to … Continued

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