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Our OPEN MIND:ER Kristian Ek

Name: Kristian Ek Nickname: Eken, Krille. Role: Senior Service Manager 4 quick questions Teams or Slack? Teams Lunchbox or lunch out? Lunch out ski holiday eller sun holiday? Sun holiday in the shade 🙂 Call or chat? Call The role and Soluno What do you do in your role? We recently launched the Service Manager … Continued

Sweden says no to 5G from Huawei and ZTE

Huawei, a Chinese giant in network equipment, is shut out of the Swedish 5G market. The state-owned Chinese manufacturer ZTE is also excluded from the expansion of 5G in Sweden. This is in accordance with requirements set by the Swedish Armed Forces and Säpo. It is with the help of a new law that was … Continued

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