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Our OPEN MIND:ER David Bruun

Name: David Bruun Nickname: Bruno Department: Support Role: 1-line Technician 4 Quick Questions CS:GO or Dota? 1v1 in roshpit? Espresso or brew coffee? Brew coffee, strong. Teams or Slack? Slack. Online or IRL? IRL. The Role and Soluno What do you do in your role? I support our customers in all kinds of ways. But … Continued

Telecom redefined through digitalization

In the never-ending race of becoming the top telecom provider, digitalization has become a top priority in order to stay relevant with emerging consumer trends and needs. This has not only led many of the traditional providers into re-establishing themselves as digital service providers by adopting a mix of new technology. But it has ultimately … Continued

IoT vs M2M – What is the difference?

A buzzing topic in the tech sphere and coupled with the development of 5G is IoT. According to Gartner this is only set to expand even more and will constitute over 26 billion connected units during 2020. However, a lot of confusion remains in how it actually differs from the predecessor M2M. This blog is … Continued

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