Taking omnichannel to the next level with CPaaS

While many blame technology for widening the generation gap, the same technology brings people together by creating an all new one: the omnichannel generation. This generation is highly motivated by swift and easy ways to stay in touch and it spans across all age groups. Today’s digital-native consumers expect no restrictions in any contact mediums … Continued

Skype for business end of life – what’s next?

Microsoft’s announcement of the termination of Skype for Business in 2021 baffled many corporate users that till this day heavily rely on the platform for business communication. This marks a paradigm shift in the world of communication, where over 30 million active monthly users will have to find the next best alternative. Not only does … Continued

NMT – first generation of mobile telephony

Today we take our mobiles for granted. You dial a number and directly your call will end up at the right place. Many of us probably don’t think about our mobile calls more than that. But much of what we take for granted today posed big problems in the past. The first generation of mobile … Continued

Let’s talk curing period

It’s time to talk curing periods. If you buy a pair of shoes, and notice after a while that you’re not completely satisfied with them. Maybe they’re out of fashion, maybe they itch, or maybe they just aren’t up to par with the season. It wouldn’t be completely nuts to think that you should be … Continued

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