Why your end users should use a Softphone – 5 benefits

You probably have heard of Softphones before? Or maybe you have that as an offer in your solution right now?

For those of you who have not heard the term, simply put, a Softphone, is a software that allows your computer to be used as a phone. It is a program, with an interface, that allows you to receive and make calls, directly from your computer.

Now you may be thinking “Okay, but why should my customers need a phone in my computer when they have a fully functioning landline phone, right next to it?”. Well, the benefits of working with a Softphone are many, especially for people who already work a lot by the computer. Here are the five biggest benefits of using a Softphone.

Cloud based – call from wherever you want

A desk phone is exactly what it sounds like, a phone that is placed on a desk. If it is a traditional desk phone, with regular fixed landline telephony, it is a lot of work to move it to another address. In other words, it is very static. A Softphone is instead cloud-based, which means your customers can use it, anywhere, as long as they have access to the internet. That way, your customers can bring their computer to the coffee shop, to the country house or maybe when you go abroad.

No need switching between devices

If you have customers that already work a lot at the computer, a Softphone is a perfect solution. Today we are used to user-friendly and fast solutions, and switching between devices is more time consuming than you might think. By gathering all the functions your customers need during the working day, right into the computer, they will be able to save some time but above all improve their user experience.

Simple user interface

A Softphone is extremely easy to use. With a search box, your customers can easily search by name, city, department and so on, to find the one they are looking for. They can of course also enter direct numbers in the box to call. Click on the green button to answer, the red button to hang up. Connect calls with a simple drag-and-drop function. As you see, it can not be that much easier than that.

In addition, they can quickly see which of their colleagues are available or busy. They can see if they have made a note and if they have scheduled their presence, customer will also see what time they will be available again.

Easy to keep up to date

Most companies choose to have automatic updates on their Softphone. A bit like you want your mobile phone to automatically update the apps at night. In this way, your customers always have the latest version of the software, without having to keep track of it.

If your customers, instead want to handle the update versions, for example via an IT department, they can of course choose that as well.

Add extra functionality

Last but not least, you can integrate cloud-based systems with other systems and services. When the different systems your customers use in their working day, work together, they will get a better overview and a more holistic use of their services.

A common system that companies integrate to their corporate telephony with is CRM systems. Through smart services,end users can get valuable information about their customers, even before they have responded. Another common solution they often add to the cloud service is call recording. If customers want to manually select which calls are to be recorded, it is easily handled at the touch of a button in the Softphone.

In addition, Soluno’s cloud-based service is integrated with Teams. This way, your customers can get Softphone functionality directly into the popular collaboration tool.

That said, the benefits of using a Softphone are many, and the above are just a few of them.



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