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We ensure that as a company you can treat your customers as professionally as possible with the latest technology within telecommunications. Switchboard services, operator contract and hardware in a single place.

Now we are launching Teams Telephony

For those of you who use Microsoft Teams, this means full mobile integration, full flexibility and you can integrate all of our PBX services. In other words, all switching functions goes via Soluno and are integrated with Team’s interface.

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Story, Heart and Courage
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Story, Heart and Courage

Throughout the ages human beings’ two principal attributes have been the capacity to cooperate and communicate. En route we have enlisted technology to enhance our capacity. Our technology and skills are building relationships, cooperation and understanding. We have always been pioneers, and now is the time to shape tomorrow’s communication solutions. Join us on the journey!

Our customers

We work with all companies, from small to large, and here are some of our satisfied customers in varying sizes, sectors and geographical locations. What they have in common is that they all use our prize-winning switchboard service, but have chosen a range of mobile operators. Feel free to read their own words about our service and about us as a supplier.


“If we are not able to resolve something ourselves, the response from Soluno has always been excellent. Getting assistance is never a problem and we have had a personal contact for seven years.”

Nicklas Carlsson

“Yes, it is possible to have a switchboard via Telenor or Telia, but there is a risk of it taking a long time to get help if it is needed. Soluno’s support is fast and the fact that we have a fixed personal contact is effective. They know how we operate and how we want things to be”

Veronica Thuring

“After switching to Soluno we don’t just have full control over costs, but also a fantastically flexible system with the entire group’s telephony linked to the same switchboard. Soluno’s personal involvement during implementation ensured that the transition went very smoothly. Warm recommendations.”

Fredrik Rubne
IT Manager

“We obtained better functionality at a lower price! Since the changeover in summer 2012, Henrik from Soluno has returned regularly to check that everything is working as we want it to. The small number of points raised have been quickly remedied and we appreciate the regular feedback from Soluno.”
“Telia Denmark has selected Soluno BC as collaborative partner. Soluno is offered to the Danish business community together with Telia’s products. It is an extremely satisfactory collaboration, with Soluno BC demonstrating great professionalism and providing excellent support. Telia’s selection of Soluno was due to its innovative product, which is at the cutting edge of developments in the market and in terms of customer needs.”
“Soluno is a flexible solution for us as we work in an open office landscape and no longer need to have any high volume phone signals but rather see on the screen when there is a call. The solution is flexible and easy-to-use and it is simple for us to patch over calls to each other. We have been very well treated by Soluno BC and feel very satisfied with our new switchboard.”

A scalable solution with great flexibility


Wholehearted support

One interface